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Thursday, January 12, 2012

this is your life, are you who you wanna be?

I was talking to someone I had just met last night. We quickly started talking about our lives. He seemed surprised I was so "straight laced" I don't drink, sleep around, or cuss like a sailor. I really do strive to do what is right, and love others, and honor Jesus. He asked me, "Well, isn't your life boring?" I laughed.

My life has never been more thrilling. And I know I am only sitting on the cusp of what is to come. Boring? Are you kidding me!?! Every morning I wake up, I get to be used by the Almighty God to love people. I know Him intimately, and He gives my life purpose. When seeking Him, not one day is the same, boring, or mundane. It's an adventure of a life time.

I heard a line from a song earlier, "this is your life, are you who you want to be?" Yes! Yes! Yes! I know with every cell of my being, I know I am EXACTLY where I am meant to be, and doing EXACTLY what I was made to do.

Following God into the Amazon is frightening. But it's the most incredible kind of frightening.

The unknown of what each day will bring has been amazing this week. I knew God was going to show up this week. And He has. In huge ways. Everything has been a surprise. It's like I'm on a treasure hunt for His blessings.

So I'll share just a couple of today's blessings.

I have been nervous about paying for immunizations. One estimate said they would be approximately $2,000. Well, I didn't exactly have that laying around, and He hadn't provided it yet. Shots needed to happen this week because I am only a bit over a month away from leaving. I had concerns about which to get or not get, and if I really needed certain ones. So I called a place today to see if/when they were open. She had a 4:30 appt available. I figured I would be babysitting until at least 4, and had another babysitting job at 5, no where close to the doctor's office. I needed to go, but it seemed impossible. But God is in charge of time, and He heard my prayers. I got done babysitting early. The other job cancelled, and said they would still give me money for my trip! (who does that?!?) So I went out to the office, and was so put at such ease. I learned so much about the vaccines, preventative measures, things to pack, etc. The nurse was the most informative lady. I ended up getting the yellow fever vaccine (good for 10 years, great in case He keeps calling me!) and the typhoid fever vaccine (good for 5 years). I was told I don't need the rabies shots. (But please be praying for protection against rabid animals!) (saving me about a thousand dollars!!!!) So I still need about 5 more vaccines, but I can get those from the health department for a reduced price. I also have a few prescriptions to fill. (praying those aren't too expensive to fill) It feels so good to almost be able to check something off my list!

After the vaccination adventure, I visited my friend's mom in the hospital. I had planned on being a blessing to her, by praying for her, and visiting. She was so eager to hear what God was doing in my life, and to tell me how proud she was of me. She is one of the many "moms" I had collected growing up, so her words carried weight. She prayed for me with such conviction that my soul was stirred. She believes in me, and she believes in what God is doing in me. What a powerful feeling. She then handed me a check to help me with my trip as I walked out of the hospital room. I was caught off guard. I walked in there thinking I was going to bless her, but she blessed me more than she could ever imagine. Definitely a teary drive home. God keeps using the most surprising people to bless and encourage me. I love it, it keeps me on my toes. :)

Prayer Requests:
- healing for friend's mom in hospital
- need to receive a very important email tomorrow morning
- plan tickets to be under $1,000 when I go to purchase it
- other things on my to do list to be completed on time
- for opportunities to share my story, my faith, and my Jesus
- remainder of the funds to come in
- protection from rabid animals while in Bolivia

I potentially have exciting news to share, but I'll wait until tomorrow morning.

Good night! Love, M

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