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Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year!

I know. It's mid January, and we already feel like we are in the swing of this year. Holidays are over, and life has gone back to normal. The newness and excitement has begun to wear off. 

For me, life is still feeling new and fresh. 

This year started off with a few big things. My roommate just moved out (so excited for what God has in store for her!), so I am a loner once again. I really enjoy living alone and already have rearranged the furniture to create a new apartment feel.
Also, I have decided to not find a new roommate, but instead have redone the second bedroom, and turned it into a reading/sewing/crafting room. I painted the walls with chalkboard paint, and have had a blast getting everything the way I want it. I have been spending many hours in that room realizing, already. 
In other news, I got bangs. For possibly the first time in almost 20 years. As with every big change, people's opinions are varied. But I am absolutely in love. I am still having so much fun being a blonde! 

Hello 2014! 

This year instead of making one big, unattainable resolution, I made many easy to accomplish goals in all the areas of my life. Some of them I have already put into practice before the new year began. I just believe writing specific goals down will make them more likely to achieve them, because you're making yourself accountable. So, now I'm making myself even more accountable, because I'm sharing with the entire internet. :) 

So here are mine. 

-drink 8 cups of water/day 
-floss daily 
-go to bed when I'm tired 
-walk around the neighborhood 3x/week 
-only drink soda 1x/week

-wash make up off my face every night before bed
-moisturize skin everyday
-wear sunscreen
-take off nail polish at first sign of chips
-smile more 

-no tv (Netflix, DVDs, cable, hulu, etc) in the house for one year 
-do the dishes every night before bed, even if I'm tired 
-grocery shop with a plan, and make most dinners at home 

-pay off credit cards 
-stop buying "stuff", learn to remake and reuse what I already have
-save money 

-trust God with the little things
-pray for my hubs constantly
-memorize a verse/week
-find a way to do what I'm passionate about (loving girls on the street) and commit to do it for a year 

-spend an entire week every month off of social media 
-have someone over for a home cooked meal every month 
-send snail mail every week 
-buy someone flowers once a month
-call my mom everyday
-get to know my neighbors better 
-be intentional about culvivating and continuing relationships with new and old friends 
-take less pictures, and just enjoy the moment 

-continue to learn to say "no". you can't be everything for everyone all of the time. 
-have a selfie date night once a week 
-sew, craft, paint more 
-read a new book a month 
-be on time 

What are your resolutions for 2014? 

I would love to hear about them!! 

Have a blessed week!!