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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The journey ahead.

Three days ago, I met K. We were both at a tea for some homeless women in Pontiac. She was there to speak, and I was there to listen. When she first began to speak, something stirred inside of me. I knew I needed to spend time talking with her. She mentioned her heart for victims of human trafficking, and she told of how she had lived in South America. There was power and authority as she spoke. She shared her journey with Jesus, citing often that it was not always safe, but it was good, because He is good. 

After the tea was over, I had one priority, to talk with this woman. My boldness came out as I told her that I believed we needed to talk over coffee, and I invited myself over for Tuesday morning. 

I arrived to her home after serving at the homeless shelter. (Praise God, 3 people accepted Jesus as Savior this morning!!) We began to unravel our stories. I instantly discovered that our tales are full of similarities, and that it was very easy to chat with her. 

As we talked, I became amazed of a few things. We know many of the same people. She was telling me of friends in Thailand, and I interjected that I have friends in Thailand, we then discovered it was the same family! I was telling a story about South Africa, and she shared that she knew people in South Africa, and we figured out we had more mutual friends. We know so many of the same people on 3 continents, many of the same people and ministries here at home, and our paths have crossed perhaps dozens of times at random events. But we had never met.  I am convinced that God hid us from each other for such a time as this. 

This time I am in is a weird one. Next year is currently a large question mark. My job will be ending within a year, and my apartment lease will be up about the same time. As much as I have been begging The Lord to send my husband, He has yet to reveal him to me. I am in a position that has the potential to be scary. Twenty-seven and no job, no home, no husband, and no prospects. It often terrifies me. But on days like today, it excites me. I will be in a position to do anything. I do not own a home, have a husband, children, a car payment, or much debt. If He calls, I can go. 

That's exciting, right? Except I have no idea what that looks like. Some friends live in the school of thought that it's still a year away, I have plenty of time to figure it out. There is another school of thought that is normally louder, shouting and yelling that I need to get my life plan together and settle down. I try to live somewhere in the middle. It's really hard to leave much room for God to show up, move, rearrange my plans and dreams, all in His timing. I often wish there was a more concrete plan, and that I could see it. I would love to know when and how I would meet my dear husband, where we would live, what job to work, and have all of the details of the future worked out now. But there must be faith that He is who He says He is, that He is good, and that He has gone before me. 

So I have been praying for the next step, even if it's little. I'm committed to be here for another year, but beyond that, I just don't know. 

So three days ago, I met K. 

We chatted for over five hours. We laughed, cried, and told stories. We made lunch together. She shared wisdom, encouragement, truth, resources, and potential next steps. She prayed over me, and with everything in me, I know that before the beginning of time, God ordained a hot Tuesday afternoon, in Pontiac, to be full of conversation between us. 

There is a fire in my heart to do something about human trafficking. I am not okay with it, and I refuse to sit on the sidelines and pretend that I am ignorant of the cries and horrors. The fire refuses to die, there is much passion being born out of the last few years, and there is a lil five foot tall girl who is ready to stand up to injustice and say, "No more." But what does that look like? Honestly, I'm still not certain. There are a few different options; educating and equipping to raise awareness, busting down doors and getting girls out of captivity, and loving girls to Jesus while bringing restoration to their lives. 

Out of our long chat, I now have a very long list of books to read, websites to research, people to email, conferences to attend, and specific things to pray about. I am ready to dedicate this waiting time to educating and equipping myself. I want to be ready and prepared to walk through the door when He opens it. 

I wish I could share more, because there is more that God is doing. But currently it is after two am, and even though I am so excited, I am tired. 

I don't know where any of this is going, but I know the journey with Jesus isn't always safe, but it is good, because He is good. 

So if you would like to pray, I would appreciate it more than you would know. 

Can't wait to see where this next adventure takes me. It could be a bumpy ride.