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Monday, January 16, 2012

One day closer...

A few things I've learned about my trip:

I got the email last night to "buy those tickets!" I am excited. Praying specifically for under $1,200 round trip. I was looking last night and they were much, much more than that, but I have seen them as cheap as $900. So the hunting for good, cheap tickets continues. And hopefully, very, very, soon, I can write to say "I bought my tickets!"

Also in the email, I found out I am staying in the guest house with another girl from the states. She is 22 and a chef. I am excited about that. There are bunk beds, so that adds to the adventure!

One of the missionaries is a coffee lover, like I am. She told me she would show me her favorite café in Cochabamba, and we could share stories. I look forward to it so much.

I talked to my missions coordinator on Friday, and she informed me, I can't raise enough support! Any extra support I can use while there to take kids out for ice cream, or buy the orphanages supplies they need. Also, any leftovers in my account will stay there for a year, perfect for any returning trips.

In case you didn't see yesterday's post, there are a few items needed for the orphanages and weekly baby washings.
- toothbrushes
- toothpaste
- pony tails, hair clips, etc
- boys and girls socks and underwater (sizes 4-13)
- infant and toddler clothing

I am struggling a bit this morning. The closer this becomes to a reality, the more I realize what I'm leaving here, and I'm a bit sad, and freaked out. Please be praying for strength. It really feels like a Monday today.

Love, M

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