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Friday, October 25, 2013

Brazil update

After much praying, planning, and preparing, I am pleased to announce my updated plans for Brazil.

I met with Ina for the first time last week. We had dinner in downtown Detroit, and shared our hearts, passions, and stories. It was amazing to hear of how God is writing out stories, and how they have intersected. She lives in Chicago, and was only in Detroit one night for business, and God cleared my schedule, so I was able to meet up with her. I am beyond thrilled to join Ina in Brazil as we share the story of Jesus, hope, purity, and how He restores.

Originally I was planning on going to Brazil Oct 25th- Nov 3rd. I am not hopping on a plane today to go to Brazil. And honestly, I am a bit thankful. I am not ready to go. I am so grateful for the extra months to continue to prepare, get a visa, and raise funds. 

We are planning to be in Brazil the end of March. One church, in São Paulo, already confirmed that they want us to speak at their service in March. We are praying that we have a place to speak and share every day and night we are in Brazil. 

We are planning on traveling every day, to multiple cities and states in Brazil. It is going to be a whirlwind of a trip. 

Ina recently wrote a book, Ana's Journey: A Brazilian Mother's Story of Kidnap, Forced Marriage and Her Botched Abortion.

She will be speaking about her bookand, and sharing her story. In another room, I will be speaking about abstinence, and sharing my story of purity with young people. I am excited, terrified, and everything in between. It just boggles my mind when I think of what God has prepared for me. It is certainly an adventure!

There is also a global human trafficking conference taking placea in Brazil the same week we will be there, and we have already been asked to be apart of it. I am thrilled. A few years ago, I was at a conference in Atlanta, and was first informed about human trafficking. I have never heard of something so terrible. I remember calling my mom, crying, and telling her that I wanted to bust down doors, and get girls out of there. I have been praying in the quietness in my heart about this for years. I am so excited that God is opening doors, to something big. 

Since I already had taken the time off of work, (and found great tickets!), I am going to Florida for the week. I am so excited to spend some quality time with my college best friend, and the ocean. I do not rest and relax well, so I am hoping running away for a little bit will leave me renewed and refreshed!

I am praying for BIG THINGS, and ask you to join me.

I know He has big plans for this girl. It's going to be a wild ride!

Have a wonderful week!