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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The latest and the greatest.

It has been a busy few weeks for this girl. I am finally settled back into a routine. Life is going. And God is good.

The biggest news is I moved! Some people were confused when hearing this. No, I am not in Bolivia...yet. I still live in Michigan.

While I was in Bolivia, I had began praying to move to a very specific area with a very specific price range. That price range was a few hundred dollars less than what apartments are rented for in that area. But I knew what I could afford, and where I wanted to be, and I just kept praying. My first night home from Bolivia, I drove around this area looking for places for rent. There were none. I continued praying. Three days later my uncle text messaged me that he had helped moved his friend's daughter from a place (my area I wanted!) and didn't know if I was interested.

It wasn't hugely public knowledge that I wanted to move there. So he gave me some contact info. I then emailed, and was told it wasn't up for rent, and that the current renters's lease wasn't even up yet. I then heard from him a few weeks later. He told me I was the first to be told about it, and as long as paperwork went smoothly, it was mine. Woo. Well, one of my best friends works at the office, and she was the one to call me and tell me it was mine.

So, I now live EXACTLY where I wanted to be. Rent is EXACTLY (to the dollar) the amount I prayed for. I am less than 10 minutes from church, work, my best friends, some family, cute parks and restaurants. One of my dearest friends is now my roommate. I am so blessed.

We are still unpacking and organizing. But it is starting to feel like home.

I was anxious signing the lease. Twleve months here, when I want to be in Bolivia, or somewhere. I was struggling with the commitment of being in one place for one year. But God is good. He has me exactly where He wants me. Already I have had handfuls of people come over and I have been able to share my faith, my stories of my God's goodness and a cup of coffee.

I am so blessed. I have a God who hears the whispers of my heart. He has a plan for me bigger than I ever could imagine. He is using me in Michigan. I am clueless what will come of the next year, but I am excited.

Love, M

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  1. AMEN! Glad to be reading your stories again my sister!