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Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Nights.

Friday nights at 5:56 pm, my doorbell rings. Moments later, my house is full of laughter, and women. My small kitchen quickly becomes the hub for stories, cooking, laughter, and praising Jesus. There is so much commotion. I'm sure it is quite the sight. There isn't enough room for everyone, so girls quickly get shooed onto the couches while I finish fixing dinner, and then one of my favorite parts of my week unfolds. 

One girl will ask another about her week, and she will begin to share of how God showed up. Another girl will butt in and share how her prayers have been answered. The conversation grows and grows, and while they are sitting in the living room, I stall dinner, so I can just rest in listening of how faithful our God is. It isn't uncommon for tears to spill out, as my heart rejoices in their words.  

At the beginning of the year, I started dinner club. Six girls come over, every week, all with different parts to a meal, and we cook and dine together. My apartment is small, and I don't have a table, so we lounge on the floor and couches, and spend time together, eating. 

I wanted to be intentional with friendships. I wanted to spend time and energy cultivating real relationships. I wanted meaningful conversations over tea. I wanted people to do life together with. I wanted community. 

We spend generous amounts of time getting to know each other, and praying for each other. We spend time praying for our own, and each other's future husbands. We spend time in the Word. 

We believe there is power is prayer. There is power in the name of Jesus. And there is power in being on our knees together. 

Over the last few weeks, we have been witness to huge prayer requests being answered. 

One week all six of us had such big and clear answers to prayer, we couldn't even wait until Friday to share. I love it. 

There is something so beautiful about praying for each other, together, and throughout the week. We have become invested in each other's lives. And it's incredible.   

Tonight we are talking about trust. 

My favorite quote on trusting God right now is, "Going to God in prayer is trusting He will make a difference. Trust means not worrying about saying the right thing. Or not feeling you have to say it over and over for God to hear. Instead it's whispering to God your darkest secrets and greatest disappointments.". (Praying for You Future Husband: Preparing Your Heart for His -Gunn and Goyer) 

I look forward to tonight and hearing the stories, the struggles, and the sweetness that happened this week. I'm sure there will be laughter, good food (I'm currently obsessed with BLT pizza!!), God's Word will be opened, and certainly time will be spent on out knees in prayer. 

We trust that God hears our prayers, and He is working things out for our good because we love Him. We come to His throne, boldly and without shame, expecting and believing for big things, because we have a big God. We praise Him for hearing our cries, and being so faithful and so good. We delight in His goodness and we rejoice in His truth. 

It's time for Friday night, y'all. 

Love, M