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Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Roundup.

It is Friday. And the first day of spring. Bless. We have made it. Let the hallelujah chorus commence. 

•What am I wearing the first day of spring? Overalls and flower crowns of course. Y'all. Overalls. Are. So. Comfy. 

•I have been chosen to help launch Jen Hatmaker's new book, "For The Love: fighting for grace in a world of impossible standards". This means I get to read the book months before it is actually released, I can write an endorsement that will *hopefully* be picked to be published in the book, I get to share about the book in my sphere of influence, and I get to be apart of an incredible group of women who are also on the launch team. Seriously. I have felt so encouraged and loved by these women. It is so good. You can preorder the book here:

•I have been trying to walk/slow run 10 miles/week. I did great last week. This week has been a lil rough. My allergies are driving me nuts, and I prefer to walk outside. I have got to kick it up today and tomorrow to reach my goal. But I really am liking setting small, obtainable goals for myself. When I'm on the treadmill at the gym, and I'm watching a show, I walk the whole time the show is on, and I try to run during all of the commercials. I'm getting better. But I despise when an extra commercial sneaks in. 

•I rearranged my living room this week. I think in this season of chaos and change, I just wanted a fresh start at home. So I decided to play up my whimsical nature, and now I have a canopied reading nook, right in the corner of my living room. I'm also repurposing my hope chest as more seating, and moved the couches in a way that they have never been configured before. I may change it all back next month. But for now, I love it. It feels so young and carefree. 

•This song. We sang it at church a few weeks ago, and the words were so powerful, I looked it up as soon as I got home, and now have been listening to it a few times a day. "Here at Your feet, I lay my future down. All of my dreams, I give to You now. I find peace." 

•The last two weeks have been hard. Really hard. ( But I have been so encouraged by such incredible friends. One friend in particular texted or called me five or six times in a day, just to share a scripture, let me know she was praying for me, point me back to Jesus, tell me she was listening to a song and thought of me, and that she just supported me. It really is the best to have people in your corner. 

•shamrock shakes. Heaven help me. Why are these SO GOOD?! I normally will find any excuse to grab one. But this season, I only had 2. One the day they came out, and one on St. Patrick's Day. I wonder if they taste so good, because they are only available for such a small window. I don't know y'all. But I just want them all the time. Why can't they be good for you? My protien shakes do not taste like that. 😂 

Happy first day of spring. Love, M. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015


The last couple of months have been the craziest of emotional roller coaster rides. I don't particularly enjoy roller coasters in general, and I certainly detest the emotional kind. And despite my best wishes, I think I'm still on the ride. 

Long story long. 

I have been nannying for the same family for five years now, and it has come to the point that I have been dreading since day one, it's time to move on. Those babies feel like my own. I have learned to love in ways I didn't know we're possible. It has been an incredible ride, and honestly, I believe the best thing I have ever done. 

Because that job is ending soon (down to single digits), I must get a new job. I have searched a little via word of mouth, and via the internet. But I kept hearing God's voice tell me to "rest and wait on Him".

People thought I was nuts for waiting. Somedays, I thought I was nuts for waiting. 

One day I got an email to meet with a lady for a job interview. I knew her organization, because she had shared with me her dreams and passions over coffee, a few months before. 

Immediately I was tickled pink. It was my dream job! Be in South America, love girls, have sewing circles, be home for part of the year, do something about human trafficking, be a voice for those who do not have one. Ah. It was everything. And more. 

Two days before I received the official job offer, I started feeling unrest, and the Holy Spirit quietly whispered to me "this isn't for you". I was a mess. I received the official offer, and instantly, I heard His voice loud and clear, "Girl, this isn't for you.". I was sick to my stomach. I have never been so conflicted over a decision before. It was everything I wanted. It was in the right timing. I emailed her asking for additional days to pray over the situation. I had friends come over, and we got on our knees, just begging for clarity and peace. I was so distraught. 

It's crazy to need a job, be offered your dream job, and turn it down, only to still be jobless. I know. I get that. 

It took me four days to fully come to the answer I had known for a week. For whatever reason, this wasn't for me. And above anything, I just wanted to walk in peace. Once I made my decision, I had peace. I declined the offer, and it was not my favorite thing I've ever done. But I had peace.  

This week is a new week, and things haven't been easy. The enemy has been taunting me over my decision. People I love dearly have been reminding me that "I need a job, and soon." I have doubted my decision, and then struggled with the fact that I was doubting. I'm over emotional. It's been a rough few days.

Today I was putting books away, and I happened to open one, and start glancing through the intro. It is written by Kari Jobe. 

She was sharing about how she dating a great guy, and everything seemed perfect, but she didn't have peace from the Holy Spirit. She went on to share how important that peace was. I know she is referring to marriage, but I believe it works in all areas. I want that peace from the Holy Spirit in all things I do. 

I am so thankful I stumbled across that this morning. It was like water to my tired soul. I just sat on the floor, crying. I know I made the right decision. 

Please pray for me in the uncomfortable season of transition. I really do need a job, and selfishly, I would prefer it to be doing something that makes my heart beat with purpose. 

Thanks for letting me share the unglamorous parts of me. I'm kinda just a hot mess. And I just want to follow Jesus. 

Love ya. M.