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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Make the choice to rejoice.

Monday, while driving at work, there was a small chunk of ice/snow/dirt in the middle of the road. There was a car next to me on the left, and on the right was slush that threatened to take my car hostage in the ditch if I came too close. So I continued on my path. I didn't think much of the "car booger". If anything I thought it would disintegrate into slush after driving over it. 

It didn't. Somehow it punctured my wheel, leaving me with a flat tire. I didn't realize what happened, and continued back to work, which was two more turns, and less than minute away. When I got out of the car, I saw my tire was completely flat. My heart started racing, and the number in my bank account came to mind, along with things in my schedule this would disrupt. 

I was beginning to stress. But a calming conversation with my bestie, cuddles with the kids, and some time spent praying changed my outlook. 

It was my choice to rejoice. Just because every circumstance was not going the way I would've hoped and planned does not give me an excuse or a reason to whine and complain. We are called to rejoice. 

So when my boss came home and changed my tire, which took an hour, in the bitter cold, I rejoiced that even though I don't have "my man", I do have a few good men in my corner, willing to take care of me. 

When he showed me the significant crack in the wheel, and how he couldn't find a hole in the tire, I was baffled. 

I took it to the tire store where 6 men gathered around it. One told me he had never seen anything like it. I told him that it's in my nature to be different and do something new and different. 

After dropping it off, I received a phone call telling me that the new wheel alone would cost $350. There was still a possibility that I would need a new tire as well. 

That certainly wasn't in the budget. My roommate is in the process of moving out. And Christmas is next week. Money was tight! 

I began to hear whispers in my heart. I knew the voice. It belongs to my Father. 

"I am Faithful. I am Provider. I am good. I've got this. I've got you. You are my girl. I am the One who supplies all of your needs. There is no need to fear or worry. I am going before you." 

I talked with my dad about options. I made a list of places to call in the morning, with hope of finding a used wheel for much less than $350. 

I made the choice to rejoice, no matter what my circumstances were. 

I think most days trusting God to provide isn't a complete struggle for me. I have watched Him for years take care of me, my family, provide for mission trips, send me coffee in a package on my front door when I wanted coffee, put a rainbow in the sky in the exact place I have always wanted one, or give me a kitchen aid mixer when it was only a desire in my heart never spoken before. He has provided jobs, places to live, new ministry opportunities, friends, and so much more. 

I even think trusting God to provide a man most days comes naturally. He is the God of heaven. If He can part the Red Sea, send fire from heaven, or make water into wine, certainly He can handle providing a good man to have as my husband. 

But for some reason, I don't believe God can handle my car. I realize that writing it out like this makes me sound crazy, but for some reason that is my area where I don't seem to trust Him. What is even more crazy is that He has provided and taken care of my car so many times, it should be easiest to trust Him in this area. But for some reason, anxiety fills me and I freak out. 

So the next morning, I went outside to start my car, and wipe off all of the freshly fallen snow. I hate driving with the spare tire. It was below freezing. It was before 6:00 am. But as loud as I could muster, I started singing, "Rejoice in The Lord always, and again I say rejoice..." As the words flowed out of my mouth, something began to change in my heart. I started to sing louder. My neighbors must already think I'm crazy, but I'm sure they were not rejoicing with me, so I quieted down a bit. 

We have not been told to rejoice only on days when bills are paid, everyone we love is healthy, and it is sunny and 75. 

Rejoice always. 

Even if your tire and wheel need to be replaced. Even if there isn't money. Even if it is cold beyond cold. Even if you're worried, stressed, fearful, etc. Even if you hate dealing with car problems. 


I received a text message later that afternoon that there was a new wheel waiting for me at the tire shop. I would just have to pick it up after work. What?!?? I didn't have to spend $350 on a new wheel. Tears started falling. 

After talking with the man at the tire shop, I learned that there was a small hole in my tire. It had been patched, and was holding air nicely. What?!?? I didn't have to buy a new tire. More tears fell. 

I was told I would only have to pay $18 for labor. The night before I was thinking I needed to find $500, and suddenly I was told I only needed to pay $18!! What?!?? I now was a steady stream of tears. 

So after work I went to the tire shop. I waited in the little waiting room, rejoicing. There were women sitting with me, complaining. I hate car problems more than most. And I know what a struggle it is to be a single girl. So I understood. But I continued to rejoice. My God goes before me. 

The man came into the room, handed me my keys, and told me that I was all set. I was so confused. I told him I had to pay still. He told me to have a blessed night, and that he wasn't going to charge me a penny. 

I may have shouted, "Wow! Isn't God sooooo good?!??" As I skipped (and tried not to fall on the slippery floor) out the door. Everyone in the store was staring at the leaping and shouting girl. Sometimes I just can't hold it in. He is sooo good!! 

I sat in my car for a bit just sobbing. At this point, I was amazed at how my new mascara hadn't budged. Praise The Lord for not having make up running down my face like a frightening holloween mask gone wrong. 

I thought I was going to have to pay $500. And I didn't pay a penny. 

There was a rejoicing party in that car. And it hasn't stopped. 

One of my best friends, and my roommate watched God clear a way, and show up ever so faithful. 

What a celebration. 

We serve an incredible God. He is faithful. He is provider. He loving. He goes before. He is my Dad. And I am His daughter. 

Have a wonderful Wesnesday. 

Don't stress because Christmas is next week. Enjoy the hustle and bustle, time with family, and remembering who He is, and what He has done. 

Make the choice to rejoice.