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Sunday, January 8, 2012

He is faithful.

I posted a blog earlier this morning, sharing my heart for the broken. At the end of the blog, I stated I needed $700 to buy my ticket by Saturday.

Let me tell you...Last night I had an unplanned babysitting job. This morning after church, a girl drove to church to meet me and hand me an envelope with money inside. This afternoon after a meeting at church, a couple handed me a few bills. I have gotten messages about people who have read my blog donating online. Wow. This has been a great way to start this week.

My best friend once said, "Why do we act surprised when God shows up? It is His nature to be faithful."

He is so faithful. Please be in prayer for the remainder of the funds. I believe if He called me, He will continue to provide.

Another prayer request, the Spanish classes I intended on taking are going to be cancelled. There aren't enough people signed up. They only need 2 more students. Classes begin Thursday. Please join me in prayer.

I am excited beyond words to watch my very real God move mountains this week. It's going to be a big week. Check back for more updates.

Love, M

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