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Sunday, September 13, 2015

September Adventure {part two}

September 3rd I met my first For The Love sister.  (The entire reason for my Texas trip.) 

I picked up Kimberly from the airport. Over the last six months, she has become so very dear to me. She has been the loudest and most consistent cheerleader in my life. She is pure joy. She calls me "Princess of Clarkston", which I think makes me love her even more. So naturally when I picked her up, I wore a tiara. πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘‘

We went to coffee at the most darling coffee shop to get geared up for the day, where we met a local 4500 ftl sister, Julie.


And then we met another FTL sister at the airport. Our dear Kate. We wandered downtown Austin, and ended up eating some of the most delightful tacos from a little stand. I also drank a Mexican coke in the bottle. Ahhhhhmazing. 

And then then, there were four. 

We met up with the most precious Melinda. 20 of us stayed together in what was quickly and affectionately called the "Chicken Coop". So we gathered together, went to HEB to pick up ice, straws, and flowers.

If you know me well, you know I feel most alive when I have flowers in my hair, and I'm barefoot. 

So I set out to find some pretty flowers to pin in my hair for the big party. I asked the girl that was working in the floral dept was a good hearty flower, that would stand up to Texas heat, and not wilt in my hair. She immediately thought I was getting married. And once I calmed her down, she just couldn't understand why I would just want to wear flowers in my hair. She asked if it was a normal thing back home, I laughed and told her, "No, but I don't really do normal." So I ended up telling her about the book launch party. To which she asked about the book. Which of course I carried around in my purse. She looked at it, while I gave her a convincing speech that could rival all others. I then felt like God told me not to be just words, but to be actions too, so I gave her my book. The tears were free flowing in that floral department. And of course, through all the emotions, I just looked at her, and asked, "So I just really want to make sure these flowers are going to hold up in the Texan heat, are you sure these are the best choice?" Heaven help me. 

Back at the Chicken Coop, we explored. The Book house slept 14, the Writing Barn slept 3, and the Cabin slept 3. We thought that the more extroverted people may want to stay in together, and the introverts may want the quiet, and less chaos. I decided to be in the main house. Surprised? I knew I would be sharing a room with my ftl bestie, Annaliese. So I picked the room and waited for her. Naturally I chose the room with yellow walls. Glorious. It had two twin sized beds, a little bathroom, and that was about it. But it was perfect.

So. Let me take a quick moment and talk about planners. I have been wanting a pretty one for ages. I found out about The Purposeful Planner, because Corie, the creator, was a FTL sister. I have been looking at them online far too often. They are stunning, and just make sense. With not really having a job, I have been trying to be very wise with finances, so I haven't bought one yet. And then Corie arrived at the house. She is pure joy, full of sparkle, light, and love. (She's also a total babe!) And she gave out planners to our whole Chicken Coop! Ah. Love her even more. Seriously! If you want to check her planners out, go to 

That night for dinner, we went to the Hula Hut in Austin. I had already eaten there two days before with Ashlee, so I knew it was really good! 

This was how I felt about eating dinner with 20 women I had never met before: 

After dinner, everyone dispersed. I still wanted to chat with everyone. Imagine that. So we walked next door, and got ice cream! 

After all those shenanigans, it was time to go "home." 

It was then that I actually met my ftl bestie for the first time! 

Late night sofa snuggles with Stef! 

And then it was bed time. Because it was after 2:00 am. For the love. That was only Thursday. 

When I crawled into bed, I found this note that said, "You sprinkle fairy dust wherever you go. Big things are in store for you, princess!! Love you sweet girl!" Oh I am so loved here. 

So much more to share. M 

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