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Thursday, February 9, 2012

the library.

Yesterday I was at the library. I had pulled a few books on Bolivia, and was sitting at a table reading one quietly. As I read, Satan began whispering lies to me. He is the Father of Lies, and any untruth comes directly from his lips. I began believing I didn't know enough about the country, the people, or the culture. I was doubting if God could really use me. So, I asked God to renew my mind, and calm my restless heart.

A woman came up to me. We had never met, and never talked before. She simply stated, "I lived in Bolivia for six months, you're going to do great." Um, what????!!? How did she know?!? Maybe she had seen the book I was reading, but I could've just been reading a random book. God gave me that woman to calm my heart. I asked her questions about the people and culture. And she reassured me, I will be okay. It was a short conversation, but a mighty one.
Most people don't even know where Bolivia is, (South America, sharing borders with Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay.) let alone, have actually been there for any length of time. I refuse to believe in coincidences. I will believe in a God who hears the whispers of my heart, and responds in a real way.

I am packing all day. Woo! Let's do this! :)

If you would like to donate items for me to take to the orphanages, and dump, to love on some kiddos, its not too late!
-coloring books
-baby wash
-if you have something else you would like to send, just ask.

I am leaving in 5 days, so please let me know if you want to send anything! Email or text me, and we can meet up soon!

I would love to get emails while I am gone. :) If you would like to send any messages, pictures, etc, please send them to

Love, M

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