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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goodbye USA!

<p>I am sitting at the gate, waiting to board the plane that will take me to panama city. One more step closer to Bolivia! </p>

<p>I was thinking, my heart has been in cochabamba for weeks, its about time the rest of me is getting there! Ha ha. So close I can almost touch it. What a beautiful journey it has been. </p>

<p>Last night was lovely. (I am hoping to write a blog about last night, and God's love before leaving) Such a wonderful night of sleep. I slept in a king size bed, was full of the peace of God, and was exhausted from travel and carrying suitcases all over. I read God's word, caught up on emails, and made sure paperwork was all set. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. </p>
<p>This morning I woke up at 6, grabbed my phone from charging in the bathroom and fell back asleep. That bed was amazing. I fully woke up at 830, and relaxed. It was such a nice feeling to not have to worry about my car (be praying what to do for a car in April, she is close to kicking the bucket.) or stress about juggling three babysitting jobs in one day. No anxiety. Just peace, and excitement. I'm doing it. I living my dream. </p>

<p>This morning I realized I forgot all my medical insurance info on my couch in Auburn Hills. Be praying that He will make that way smooth, and it can be emailed to me. Also pray that I won't even need it. I began to be anxious about traveling, but God is good, and after calling out to Him, and binding anxiety in Jesus' name, peace over came my soul. </p>
<p>I got ready and went downstairs to the airport. Cops Air was close to the hotel. Which was wonderful because I was struggling with luggage. 130 lbs of awkwardness is....well, awkward. :) </p>
<p>I got checked in fine, but my brand new duffle bag had a hole in it, so I had to pay to get it wrapped in neon green plastic wrap. The man who worked the little station was very talkative. His English isn't wonderful, and my Spanish isn't either, but we understood each other fine. His name was Rafael. He has been in Miami for 10 months, and is from Cuba. As he wrapped my bag, he asked where I was going, and what I was doing, and I got to share a little bit. He then told me he will pray for me for six weeks. What a blessing. </p>

<p>As I walked through security, I must've had a terrified look on my face. The security man looked at me and said, "You don't need to be afraid, there is nothing to fear, you are going to be okay."</p>

<p>So thank you whoever has been praying with me for every person I come in contact with. They have all shown me grace and kindness. I also did not have to pay a penny for my bags to be checked. Yay! </p>

<p>Boarding begins in half an hour. I leave at 2:27 pm. Please be praying for me every step of traveling today and tomorrow. I arrive in Cochabamba tomorrow (thursday) morning at 745. </p>

<p>Please be praying for my ears to understand Spanish, and my tongue to speak it. Pray that my luggage is not an issue in Bolivia, and that any extra fees are cheap. Be praying for health and strength, and rest when needed. Pray that Jesus shines through everything I do, and everything I say. Pray for Devon from Texas and Jonathan from Maine who will be coming to cochabamba in the next few weeks to serve. Be praying that Satan's lies will be muted, and his plans thwarted. Pray for finances. </p>

<p>Thank you so much for your support. This may be my last blog for a while. No idea when I will be back online, and for how long.

Goodbye beautiful country I love, and hello beautiful country that holds my heart.

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Until later! M

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