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Saturday, February 18, 2012

last blog for tonightne

#3 blog of the night! WOO! Hope you all have enjoyed reading the past little bit. I feel like I will never be able to express all that God is doing, all that I feel, experience, and see. But I am trying to relate as best as I can.

I think tomorrow I am going to do a "who's who" blog. I'm sure some other missionaries' names will wind up in here. So cool to see how we are all knit together.

A few families here are from Michigan. I get to do the "I live here...while pointing to hand" and talk about home to people who know it very well, while in South America. Goodness, so cool.

I will also try to paint word pictures of the different ministries, money, food, and different locations (city, mountains, guesthouse, my room, etc) so that way yall have a better picture until I post pictures.

But tonight, I sit jamming out to music, and drinking coca cola in my room. I am the only one staying in the house this weekend. Blogging away to my heart's content,or at least for a few more minutes.

Toilet paper CANNOT be flushed in Bolivian toilets. Their system can't handle it. Most public restrooms and homes don't even have tp.

Sink faucets are labeled "c" and "f". I wasn't thinkning the first time, and wanted cold water, and got a surprise of agua caliente!

The weather is lovely. Or at least I think so. Bolivians would disagree. I saw many wearing knit caps and winter jackets. It was 67 degrees F. It did rain some, which kept it cool. Dirt roads are muddy messes. My toms are pretty muddied up. It was sunny yeasterday morning. I ate Bolivian Fruit Loops outside. Yumm!

Bolivians = people Bolivianos = money

The water here is very unsafe. One of the other missionaries rinsed his toothbrush off with tap water, and left it out to dry over night. (If the water is completely dry, it is safe) His toothbrush didnt dry all the way, and he used it the next morning. He got sick with a stomach fungus. No thank you! Pleay hbe praying for all of us down here o be and stay healthy.

I had lunch at a Bolivian ish Panera my fisrt day. Panini sandwich with chicken, mushroom, onion, tomatoes, and cheese. It was amazing.

My first night for dinner we had chinese. Second night we had Iranian kebobs. Third night we had pizza. Haha. Its all been amazing, but I am ready for Bolivian food.

During the huge holiday/festival of Carnival, teenage boys will use water guns and water balloons to get girls and traffic wet. I was initiated today. Ha ha.

i got to call my daddy yesterday. It was a fun surprise! i talked to himfor 15 minutes. It was nice to hear his voice, and gush about my love for here.

i went to an orphanage my first day here. I was holding the sweetest boy on the couch, and I fell asleep. I had traveled 10am Tuesday - 10am thursday, and didnt get much sleep the last night. When I woke up, I was covered in a blanket, and had 9 pairs of chocolate brown eyes staring at me. next time I go over there, I need to be super awake and fun. Dont want them to think of me as the boring, sleeping girl!

Cochabamba is in a valley. We are surrounded by mountains that are the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Pretty cool!

I am falling more in love with being here than I ever could've imagined. I know I have 5.5 weeks left, but I wish it was forever. I think leaving is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done. But I am trying to not focus on that. Just taking it day by day, and doing as much as possible while I am here.

Pretty excited to go to church tomorrow. I miss corporate worship, and coming together. I know it has only been a week, but I crave it. I think music is Spanish and English. Preaching is in English, with a spanish translator in headphones for Bolivians.

God is moving here. It is just a very dark place. Be praying for a pouring out of the Holy Spirit, and a revival. There is much work to do. Excited to be doing what i have been called to do.

Earlier tonight i read over some old blogs. Pretty cool stuff. Aasking for prayer about something specific, and two blogs later it is answered.

Thank you for supporting, reading, praying, encouraging and loving me.

Love you. Night Night. Mi

PS- I am a times zone ahead of any readers in the States. Im writing this from the future. Bahahahah. Sunday is looking good ;)

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