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Friday, February 17, 2012

the journey

February 15

I sat in the Miami airport at my gate sobbing. The reality of what i was about to embark on was staring me straight in my face. I wasn't scared. I just hated saying goodbye. My phone was dying, and once I boarded that plane, no more phone calls, text messages, facebook checks, or emails at my fingertips. The next time I talk to my loved ones was unknown.

So, I cried over that.

And then one of my closest friend's mom called for a quick last goodbye. She said her 39 week pregnant daughter (my friend), went to the doctor, and was having contractions. That was when the full on sobbing began. I wanted to meet that baby, brand new and just born. I know there are countless hours of baby time once I get back in April, but I wanted to hold him before I left. I hate knowing that I missed it. I know its not a big deal, but to me, in that moment, it was everything.

Sobbing in the airport, I began to pray. I needed the Holy Spirit, the Comforter to come in a tangible way.

i cried standing in line to board, I cried boarding the plane, and putting my carryon away, I cried sitting down and buckling up. Everyone on that plane must've had some interesting opinions of the sobbing, snotting American. I continued to pray for comfort.

Almost everyone on that plane spoke Spanish, so I started praying for someone to speak English. The plane was still boarding, and I still had big, fat tears rolling down my cheeks, when a girl with a Mickey Mouse shirt on came up to me. She stopped at my seat, put her hand on mine, and said something in Spanish. I being ever so graceful, blurted out, "Any chance you know English?!?" She responded in gorgeous English, "Yes, I do. I am actually fluent in 5 languages. I am a translator." I was then able to share why I was upset. You know how sometimes you just need to say it to someone listening, and then it is over? Well that was the case. I said it outloud that I was sad about missing my friend's son being born, but how excited i was to know I was going to where God had me to be. She reminded me of some truth, and rubbed my arm, and sat down. That was all I needed. Just the comfort of knowing someone cared, and being reminded that He's got me in the palm of His hand. No more tears after that. :)

More airplane stories...

Just had lunch. I think. Or an early dinner at 3:30. I had a hot, cheesy, turkey sandwich, a small salad, a coca cola, and 2 oreos. It hit the spot. I didn't even realize i was hungry. The man next to me doesn't speak any English, but he and his wife have kind eyes. I know everyone eats oreos differently, but i have never seen them eaten quite like this before. The man next to me opened his cookies, and scraped every bit of cream out of it, and then ate them. Better not get him double stuff oreos! Haha!

On the radio in the plane all of the verses of "I've been working on the railroad" are playing in English. So random.

I opened up my journal to write these tales down, and a piece of paper fluttered onto my lap. It was a verse from a friend. Joshua 1:9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." True that! Such a great reminder that wherever I go, He is with me, no need to fear!

The overwhelming theme of the past few hours has been God is not American. He doesnt just speak English. He truly is universal. Every man, woman, boy, and girl need Him in a very real way, if if they don't think they do. Religion or English may not translate, but a very real Savior does. I knew that before, but now with every part in me, I know that to be true. The power and love of Jesus can break barriers. I am so excited to share His love with some heartbroken and hurting people. Since He does not only speak English, and He lives inside of me, I believe He can, and will break barriers of language, culture, religion, and my awkwardness to share His love.

Love, M

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  1. Thats how I've always eaten my Oreos!! I don't like the cream but have nothing else to do with it do I just deal with it. Love the chocolate! Lol -Si