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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Estoy Aqui

hola amigos!

i am here! it has been a long journey, and it is not complete yet. i have one more flight to cochabamba at 7am. i am sitting at a computer in the airport. i am exhausted, but so excited. i am here. for real. no longer a dream. im living it.

i have so many stories to share, but not much time now. i need to check into my next flight, and find something to eat.

all i can say is, God went before me. every step of the way. everything was smooth, and the couple small hiccups didnt bother me. peace that passes all understanding is filling my soul. He put people in my path for exact moments. So blessed.

if you are up, and see this, please be praying for my luggage. i am only allowed 44lbs total. i am bringing 100. also be praying i find rest soon. i havent slept much since the hotel in miami, and i so excited, but i know i need sleep soon.

love you all so much. looking forward to getting there, and changing clothes, i smell like airplane.
love M

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  1. It made my heart race to read this... I'm so excited for you! Love you so much Michelle