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Friday, November 2, 2012

Day Two

Today is day two of the "November Be Thankful Challenge". Who joined me yesterday in actively being grateful?
When I got home last night, I was exhausted. I could tell I was cranky, so I went straight to my room. I put pajamas on, and looked for a notebook to start my 'thankful for' list. As I sat down to write, my crankiness began to dissolve. That was a benefit I had no anticipated. It's really hard to be cranky and thankful in the same moment. So, in that moment, I chose to be thankful.
I thought on my day, and realized what a very blessed girl I am. I had planned on writing five things a day, but yesterday I wrote six.
I don't plan on sharing my list every day, but I will today.
Day One.
1. Great dinner prepared by sister.
2. 7th Heaven reruns on demand.
3. Quiet and easy day at work.
4. Dinner invitation to family dinner.
5. Friend's surgery went well.
6. Great friend to vent to.
There ya have it, see how easy it is?
This morning I am so grateful for being in bed by 8:30 last night, and a good night's rest. :)
I would love to hear what you were thankful for yesterday.
Be active in being grateful today. Focus on how you're blessed, and don't forget to let others know how thankful you are of them!
I will be doing a contest coming up. So, check back for that! :)
Happy Friday!
Love, M

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