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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Thanksgiving is almost here. How well have we been doing at being thankful, intentionally?
I won't lie, I started struggling mid month. It is sometimes hard to stop, focus on being thankful, and do something about it. I have felt too busy, too tired, too cranky, too caught up in me, to be thankful.
Being thankful forces a change of mindset. No longer is the focus on self, but it is on others, and the many blessings we have.
I have heard so many tragic stories in the last couple months. The circumstances and people were different, but the final sentence in their stories is, they died.
I have talked with one of my closest friends about what would happen if something happened to us. We are women, so our nature is to worry.
If we would focus on the many things we have been blessed with, and really enjoy them, worry would begin to dissolve.
I have really tried to be intentional with enjoying moments. Soaking them in. Spending time with people, and putting the phone down. Telling people how much I appreciate them. Relaxing more. Doing things I really enjoy. Reminding myself, the dishes will still be there later tonight. Going out of my way to genuinely compliment someone. Not being stressed by the little things. Trying to be fearless. Loving the unlovable. Taking chances. Having adventures. And being thankful to the One who allows it to be.
Live everyday to the fullest. Be grateful. Be an enjoyable person to be around. It leads to a satisfying life, however short or long it may be.
Happy Tuesday. 
Be kind. Be thankful. Be intentional.
Love, M.


  1. Michelle, great posting. So many things to be thankful for that the Lord has provided. We just have to take a step back and look at what God is doing around us.

  2. Yeah girl! Good stuff...being thankful is something you have to choose to do...but wow does it change your perspective, heart and attitude! Thanks for sharing!!