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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

November Challenge

Happy November 1st!
It is my birthday month and of course it is Thanksgiving!
So, to help us all focus on being thankful this month, I have a challenge. For the next thirty days, show gratitude.
Here are some ideas:
-Keep a thankful journal. Every night before bed write down 5 things you are thankful for. Think about the basics (clean water, warm place to sleep, socks, etc.) and the bigger things (someone special to love, a great job, a stranger's smile, etc.)
-Buy thirty thank you cards, and every day, send one to a person. (fire department, pastors, parents, girl at the coffee shop, mail carrier, etc.)
-Think of a few people who have been huge blessings to you, and make thank you baskets. (Include snacks, gift cards, sweet notes, and little thoughtful knick knacks, etc.)
-Whenever you go out anywhere, (coffee, gas station, grocery store, restaurant, etc.) say a sincere thank you with a smile, while making eye contact.
-Include kiddos! Have them draw pictures or bake cookies for local firefighters, or police stations and drop them off together.
-Do random acts of kindness, without expecting a thank you. (Consider the homeless, the broken, the elderly, etc.)
-Look up verses in the Bible about being thankful. (There's quite a few!)
So excited to start this with ya'll! Who's in? Can't wait to hear stories of what you're doing too!
Thank you for reading and supporting me!
Love, M

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