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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Update on Nestor

The other day, I received a message from my good friend in Bolivia.

She has been my connection to what is going on there. She has been able to go and hold babes that I can't right now. I am so grateful to have her be my eyes and ears in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Here is part of her email.

i just spent the afternoon with nestor and juana and things arent good.  His heart (where they operated) is infected, and he has what looks like a swollen knot on his chest showing it.  he has been running a fever for a while.  he needs to be back in the hospital and they need to do a test (i think it is like a scope) to see into his heart what is going on.  The doctors need him in the hospital for 3 weeks to treat this.  This is going to cost 15,000 bs or about $2,170 (they say, though it could be more or less depending on how long the treatment takes.  we plan on going tomorrow to the tv station at hope and pray they will allow juana to give an interview for free that they will broadcast as a fundraiser.  we are also asking the foundtation that helped with the surgery to help again.  we are hoping and praying that with these efforts, God will provide the money.  We are trying to get this all done quickly, because this infection could be fatal if it is not treated.  Please please pray hard that the money comes in and that Nestor may be healed completely.  Juana was in tears today.  My heart is so heavy for this family.  However, Nestor has put on 3 kilos (like almost 13 pounds) and looks so much healthier because of this!  He also has started smiling and laughing.  He is anxious to try to push himself up and he seems like he has a fighting spirit within him.  He has also started making some noises and loves sticking out his tongue.  on and the best part... he has a mohawk.
So, please, please, please, pray for Nestor with me. Pray for complete healing in his little body, and for his family to know Jesus.

Thanks to everyone who has been following his story. It brings tears to my eyes, and joy to my heart to know that you, who have never met this baby, love him, and ask about him.

Thank you for encouraging me, and for praying.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Love, M

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