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Saturday, October 27, 2012

My best friend.

If you know me well, you would know I have so many best friends, it is impossible to keep them straight. I have friends from childhood, friends from college, friends of the family, friends I meet and instantly know we were meant for each other.
But I have a very, very, very, best friend. We have a secret handshake. She cuddles up on my lap, and knows when my heart is sad. She can make me smile quicker than anyone else. We dress alike and pretend we are twins. We finish each other's sentences. We go shopping, to movies, and to the zoo together. We drive with the windows down, singing our favorite country songs as loud as we can. She is my best friend. She is also three years old.

Earlier this week, we were driving to some adventure, and just talking. She quickly got very serious, and asked who my best friend was. I reminded her that she was, for always. She then asked, well what about Jesus?

I was taken aback. I didn't think I spoke much about Him to her. But she then pointed out that she noticed that I talk to Him whenever we are in the car, especially if traffic is bad. She reminded me that I love to read about Him from my favorite book in the mornings, and she told me how I love to sing songs about Him throughout the day.

So I told her that she AND Jesus were my best friends. She then got very concerned that my best friend was a boy. :)

It makes my heart leap out of my chest with joy that I have never told her, but she knew. The past few weeks have been rough. I am still believing that God is good. But life has been overwhelming. My only true joy comes from Jesus, alone. She knew that. The one person who knows me better than anyone knew she wasn't the only best friend, it had to be Jesus too.

I have been wondering if people who aren't in the car and hear my prayers, or see me weeping as I sing that He is still good, or curled up with my Bible know that Jesus is my best friend and Savior. Can they tell by the way I speak or act? Can they tell when I am tired or cranky? Jesus is more than something to occupy my weekends. He is the one who loves me with an everlasting love. He is the only reason there is good in me. He is my Savior. And most importantly, He really is my best friend.

Is He your best friend too? He's a good one.

Have a lovely weekend. M. :)

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