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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dark Days

We have been experiencing some dark days as family, friends, church, and community.

A beautiful, amazing, young girl went to be with Jesus on Friday.

And we are left here, distraught, questioning, numb, falling apart, and exhausted.

I was thinking yesterday about dark days.

The darkest day in history was the day that Jesus died.

We only see our side of the story, after all the pieces came together.

But just imagine his disciples who had followed him for years, giving their lives to His ministry, and suddenly were without their leader and teacher. Hopeless. Imagine his mama, Mary. She knew He was the Messiah, but to watch her baby die in front of her for nothing he had done, must've been awful beyond words. Crowds of people who believed and followed, suddenly doubted everything they thought to be true. Angels could not figure out what was happening to heaven's darling. Satan himself rejoicing, believing he had foiled God's plan.

But God was still in control. He was still good. He was still working in ways no one could fathom, behind the scenes.

Three days later, Jesus actually rose from the dead. The dead, not a nap. He conquered death, hell, the grave, Satan, and gave hope. We no longer have to fear death. We have hope. We have promises. Heaven is real. Jesus took care of business.

So, as we go through dark days, we can know with assurance a few things.

God is still on the throne. He is in control. He is good. He is faithful. He doesn't change when life does. He is working this for good for those who love Him. He alone is our hope.

The one phrase the past few days that has risen above any other has been, "God is good." He is good whether or not we believe He is. He is good regardless of our circumstances. He is good. Always. He is good.

Please be praying for peace, and rest for all who knew and loved Ariel. Be praying that Jesus will continue to be shared, and lives will be changed.

Love, M

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