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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Tooth Fairy.

Growing up we didn't celebrate Halloween much. We normally went out to dinner as a family and then went to the store, and each picked out a bag of our favorite candy. Because there are seven of us, we had quite a variety of candy to share. I never felt like I missed out on trick or treating or dressing up. I had a really great childhood. I just never went trick or treating. 

I first went trick or treating when I was 25 years old, while visiting a friend in Florida, on a Naval base. 

So my dressing up skills were decades behind everyone else's, but if you know me, being creative is what I do, and what I love. 

So last year I signed up to host a "trunk" in our church's Trunk or Treat night. 

If you didn't grow up "churched", Trunk or Treat is an event where cars line up in the parking lot, and pass out candy from their trunks. There's a lot of candy for the kids, it's a safe and controlled environment, and it's a great way for churches to love their communities. 

So, I thought long and hard about what to be. And I decided on the Tooth Fairy. Because, why not?! 

I wanted to set up my space to feel like you were visiting the Tooth Fairy's home. 

I made this skirt myself. I saw a similar one at Anthropologie, and figured I could teach myself to sew it. So I did. 

I designed her outfit around the idea of being light, airy, and whimsical. I chose white and gold to be the main colors, and of course accented everything with teeth. 

I found this foam crown in a clearance bin at the store for 25¢. It was bright pink, so I just spray painted it and hot glued sparkly gems to it. 

The sweater was from Forever 21, and one of my favorites from last season. It was also very helpful, because in Michigan, Halloween is often met with below freezing temps. 

I made the skirt myself, and intentionally went with a gold and sparkly waist band. 

I made her wand from a random dowel rod I spray painted gold, a felt tooth I made, and of course pretty ribbon to give it pizazz. 

The shoes were $4 clearance black flats I found at Walmart in the kid's section. I just spray painted them gold, and they were good to go. 

The wings. Heaven help me. They were bright purple, pink, and green when I bought them from Walmart. The gems on them were so gaudy. So I deconstructed them, spray painted them gold, added pretty gems that matched my crown, and added a felt tooth. 

Because I'm really into little details, I made earring out of quarters. 

The Tooth Fairy's living room. 💛

If you could imagine visiting the Tooth Fairy, I believe this is what it would look like. 

I love to check out the discounted lumber section at The Home Depot. Any time there are boards that are in decent condition, I buy them, paint them with chalkboard paint, and create cute little signs all around my home. So this was an easy way to help people understand who I was. 

I love this cart. It's from ikea, and it has been used for so much in my home. But here, I had it hold the Tooth Fairy's most important things. I went to a dollar store, and bought packs of cheap toothbrushes, and put them in mason jars. I went to the bank and had $40 made into quarters. (Which was really helpful later for when I needed to head to the laundromat.) I felt weird about the "lost teeth" jars, but the Tooth Fairy would have them. So I just used pearl beads I had around the house in mason jars. I just used plain white construction paper to create teeth labels to keep the theme going, and again help explain what was going on in my wild brain. 

I grabbed a few pillows from home, and placed a black blanket on my car to create a "couch ish area". I'm not sure how well it translated, but it was another perfect opportunity to add more teeth things around the space. I just cut out a tooth from white felt, and pinned it to a pillow I had made. 

I knew I wouldn't want to stand the entire time, so I brought this cute chair and table, because the Tooth Fairy would totally have an on trend bistro set at her home. Lol. 

This is one of my favorite mirrors. I actually found it at a garage sale a few summers ago, and I think it gave the illusion of a window. 

I spray painted this cute lantern to have just for some extra light once it got darker, plus I just can't stop spray painting everything I own gold. (I asked for gold spray paint for Christmas last year. I didn't get any, but that just shows the level of love it have for it...) 

I just used puffy fabric paint on one of my mugs to write out "The Tooth Fairy". The great part of that was that as soon as I got home, I just peeled it off without ruining my mug. I just wanted to sip something warm and cozy, because hello Michigan. Ugh. 

Happy October y'all. 

Love, M (The Tooth Fairy) 


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