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Monday, October 12, 2015

The Purposeful Planner

The Purposeful Planner.

I am not type A. I do not have my life organized just so, and perfectly planned. That's just not me. 

I think that's why I have always loved planners. With just a little effort, I could be organized. I've learned that a good planner will do most of the hard work for you, you just need to fill in the details. 

I have been using random planners over the years, and I always have complaints. The last planner I bought took me 3 stores, and almost 5 hours to settle on. 

Why are they so ugly? Why aren't they laid out in a way that makes sense? Ugh. 

About seven months ago, I was chosen to be apart of Jen Hatmaker's book launch team for "For the Love". On that team were 495 other amazingly smart, creative, and wonderful women. (And 4 men) 

One of the girls I connected with quickly is a total babe from Southern California. Her name is Corie Clark, and she makes the Purposeful Planner. 

Once I began following her on social media, I was in love. Her planners are gorgeous and they actually make sense with the way my brain works. 

When I flew to Texas for our book's launch party, Corie and I, along with 18 other girls stayed in a house together. 

Corie surprised us all with beautiful planners. 

I love mine so much. It comes everywhere with me. 

{lunch with mama}

{jet setting 'round the world} 

{hanging with my besties}  

{glasses, lipstick, and matching planners} 

Some of my favorite things include pages for your monthly budget, your monthly menu, a monthly master task list for cleaning your house, and a monthly dreams and goals page. 

I have the weekly planner, which I prefer. I like to see the entire week all laid out together. 

Corie's design features a place to check off that you're drinking enough water, a brain dump spot, and a spot to write down prayer requests and praises. 

There are sections dedicated to helping you get to your ten year goals. And there is a page ready for your bucket list. That is where I wrote out my 30 before 30 busket list. 

Seriously, I love this planner so much and have used it every day since I received it. 

If you would like to check it out for yourself, head over to :

@purposefulplanner on Instagram 

Corie's new line will be out soon! Those planners will run Jan-Dec of 2016. There are a few different styles, and products. So be sure to check it out. 

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