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Friday, October 30, 2015

September Adventure {part six}

For the next stage of this amazing trip, I stayed in Houston at my dear friend Katie's house. 

I told her I was just looking forward to rest, coffee, baby snuggles, and big talks. She delivered on all accounts. 

How precious is this bedside set up?! #adorable 

KT also had an extra fan and an extra quilt ready for me, along with a super sweet bag full of goodies. She is the best hostest! So kind and so thoughtful. 

There is nothing sweeter than sleeping 10 hours, and waking up to French press coffee. I used this coffee mug from a shop on Main Street in my sweet town, Clarkston, MI. KT and Jon made pumpkin waffles and bacon. I felt so spoiled. Happy Labor Day! 

This babe is the sweetest. #thosecheeks I was so thankful to get a few baby snuggles in. 

After a day of sleeping in, cozy brunch, sweat pants, baby snuggles, and multiple cups of coffee, I made brownies, ate blue bell ice cream, talked out some really big things, and watched The Office with one of my best girls. Houston is my happy place. 

Can we talk about Blue Bell ice cream for a minute?! BEST ICE CREAM EVER. After my first bite, I was pretty convinced Jesus was calling me to Texas. 

The next day, the babe, KT, and I headed out. We hit Chick Fil A for breakfast (again, is Jesus calling me to Texas?! Because #chicken #wafflefries #sweettea #bestfoodever) We drove by downtown. I just love city skylines. 

We made it to Galveston Island. This might be one of my favorite places. But honestly, anywhere where the ocean is, I am most happy. 

KT and the babe! It was his first time at the ocean. :) 

Happiest in the waves and sand. 

Let's talk about this. Apparently this a Texas thing?! Buc-ee's is a gas station/ convience store. It had 60 gas pumps, 16 flavors of icees, and an entire wall dedicated to soft drinks. There were souviner tees and trinkets, all sorts of groceries, grills, a kids toy section, multiple styles of home decor, regular clothing, a deli section, a camping area, etc. I walked in, and was instantly overwhelmed. I swear, you could probably fit the population of my entire town in there, and have room for more. 

A Texan delicacy. But really they are weird. They taste like caramel corn meets dish soap with a strange after taste. These did not convince me to move south. 

Also in this giant gas station/store, I found skateboards withastro turf. Because?!  

I did purchase this cute Texas shirt because I had been looking for a cute tee, and this was probably the most Texan place to buy one. 

After making "sand angels" on the beach, it's probably no real surprise that when my hair dried, an entire bucket worth of sand fell onto my shoulders. I am a toddler. 

I love Houston. It brought me much needed rest and relaxation. 

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