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Monday, October 12, 2015

1st Annual Scarf Exchange

Recently a couple of friends threw a scarf exchange party.   

I was pumped. It's fall, the perfect weather for scarves. I own more than any girl should own. But I always want new ones. I am also living la vida broka, so there isn't money for new scarves. And I love girls' nights. 

So invitations went out, and planning began. 

It was decided that every girl could bring one or two scarves (wrapped), and that we would exchange White Elephant style. Each girl was also asked to bring a drink, dessert, or an appetizer. 

We weren't sure how many scarves we would have, so we made 30 slips of paper, and later pulled out the last four, when we knew we had 26. 

Meg made these AMAZING cinnamon sugar mini doughnuts. Hello fall, you are welcome here. 

Once everyone arrived, we had plenty of delicious food! 

After snacking and catching up, we sat in a circle, and I explained the rules. 

We had papers numbered 1-26 in a bucket. We passed the bucket around, and if you brought 2 scarves, you picked two numbers. If you only brought one scarf, you only picked one number. 

Number 1 went first, then 2, and 3, etc. When it was your turn, you were allowed to steal any scarf that had already been opened, or take a new scarf from the pile. 

A scarf was allowed to be stolen two times, but never in the same round. Once it was stolen twice, it was dead, and no longer in play. 

Number 1 went first, but also last in our game. She was allowed to pick from any of the in play scarves, the last unwrapped scarf, or keep what she had. If she took from someone else, and all scarves were unwrapped, she just traded, and the game was over. 

It was a fantastic (and free) evening full of laughter, good food, and also cute new scarves. 

At the end of the scarf party, we celebrated one of our best girls on the last evening of her 20's. She was so surprised. 

Happy 30th, Si! 

We love scarves! 

First annual scarf exchange was a success! 

I encourage y'all to try out this fabulous and free night with girlfriends! And if scarves aren't your thing, try accessories, or coffee mugs. 

Love, M. 

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