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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Feeling Cranky vs. Choosing Joy

Yesterday, I woke up late, or so I thought. I was rushed, trying to get ready, when at 5:30 am, I realized it was my sleep in day. I didn't have to go into work until an hour later than normal. There was no reason for me to be up that early.

I could've been in bed, dreaming sweet dreams. Instead, I was awake, cranky, cold, and still sick. The shower ran out of hot water, again. I only had time to shave one leg. I still couldn't breathe due to a stupid sinus cold. Last month had days boasting of 50 degrees and sunshine, and it was a brisk 22 degrees that morning. I stubbed my toe walking in the dark.

I was plain cranky.

I knew the crank would continue all day long, if I didn't do anything to stop it. So I decided to get over myself and choose joy. I made myself be thankful. I told myself to make a list of 20 things I was thankful for before 8 am, and it transformed my day.

I am thankful for:
1. The extra hour to get ready.
2. Drinking coffee at home, and enjoying it, unrushed.
3. A clean kitchen, because I washed the dishes last night.
4. My warm and cozy bed.
5. A cute dress to wear.
6. Time to try a new way to curl my hair.
7. Extra prayer time.
8. Getting gas last night, so I didn't have to this morning.
9. My drive to work is 8 minutes.
10. There is no construction on my drive to work.
11. I saw the sunrise.
12. Mason jars.
13. Perfect sing a long songs on the radio.
14. Texting with my best friend in Tokyo.
15. I love my job.
16. The baby was in a good mood.
17. My friends who encourage me.
18. Big, exciting things happening in friends' lives.
19. Patience, when I feel like I don't have any left.
20. Being told I'm beautiful by a 4 year old.

When I focused on what I was thankful for, my entire day changed.

Choose joy.

Choose to be thankful.

What are 5 things you are thankful for this morning?

Have a good day!

M :)

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