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Monday, April 8, 2013

Being Content While Single : Love

Happy Tuesday! Welcome back to my series on Being Content While Single.
Today's topic is about love. I know, I know, hold up, you're a single girl, there is no love connection going on for you. So, why am I talking about it? Well, because I think loving yourself is pretty important, man or no man.
What do I mean by loving yourself? Nothing too profound, I promise. I think it is important to know what you like and don't like. Treat yourself with respect, and take good care of yourself. Learn to love spending time with yourself.
Believe that you really are wonderful. You have value. You are beautiful. You are uniquely special. It's true. I promise.
Discover what you like. How do you really like your coffee? Take time to figure it out. (My personal favorite right now is strong coffee with brown sugar and a bit of whole milk.) Don't just like something because you always have. Try new things, and discover what you like and don't like. (I thought I always hated coconut until I made the best coconut chocolate cookies for a friend last year, and quickly became obsessed with coconut! Who knew?)
What do you enjoy doing for fun? Get out there and do it. I love to swing on swing sets, put on an apron and bake for hours, go on barefoot walks in the fall, shop for random vintage things, eat ice cream in a cone with sprinkles, and lay in the middle of the grass with a good book and the sunshine to keep me company. Find activities you love, and do them. Do something small everyday to put a smile on your face.
Don't let yourself not do what you enjoy because you're always waiting for someone to join you.
Taking time for yourself is one of the healthiest things you can do. We all are busy, and it is important to relax.Take yourself on dates. (It's not pathetic, I promise.) (Just think about it, no one to steal your popcorn, or talk over the best parts, and you get to see whatever movie you want!) I try to give myself one date night a week. Sometimes that doesn't work, but I try my best to be alone more than just sleeping. Schedule time with yourself just like you would any friend. Put it in your calendar, and don't break your appointment. It is so easy to be busy, and never spend time with yourself, but I think you miss out on spending time with and getting to know a great girl, YOU! (I know that was kinda cheesy, but it is so true!)
Get beautified for yourself. Yes of course, getting all dolled up for a hot date is fun, but why not treat yourself the same way? You are wonderful. Buy the new mascara, and have fun with your lashes. Get those stunning stilettos out of of the closet for a fun night out. Try out a new hair style, just for fun. I recently am beginning to embrace this. I was turning into a bit of a bum lately. In the past month or so I have intentionally styled my hair, and put some make up on (even if it was just mascara and burt's bees lip balm) even if I was just wearing yoga pants and a tee shirt. Looking good helps you feel good.
Learn to disconnect. Get off facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter, your phone, email, and all other means of constant communication. Unplug for a while. Nothing too important is going to happen while you take a three hour break. And if it does, you will get to it when you turn your phone back on. I struggle with this one. I like the idea of it, but sometimes the reality of it is another story. Social media is really good at getting you to compare yourself with others. A break can be a really positive thing, even if its only for an afternoon. On my alone night, I turn my phone off, and put it on the charger in another room, and just hang out with myself. It is an easy way to really focus on you time.
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Tuesday's question: What are 2 ways you can focus on loving yourself this month?
Love, Michelle
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  1. 1. Speaking truth to myself by memorizing/meditating on God's Word.
    2. Exercising

    Love this post!!

    1. Exercising is huge! I often forget how great I feel after I work out, and how great I feel when clothes fit the right way!

  2. Great post. Sometimes it feels overwhelming to try to love myself, but these are a couple of my top ways:

    - Get enough sleep
    - Spend time with Jesus
    - Make an effort to spend time with a variety of people (not just my single friends)

    My name is Stephanie and I live in Ohio!

    1. Sleep is so important! I know when I get a good night's rest I feel like a completely different girl than when I go to bed late, and don't sleep enough!

  3. -To exercise even more

    -To try something from my bucket list

    My name is Abbey and I live in Clarkston, MI.

    1. What things are on your bucket list Abbey? :)

  4. Lorissa - Steinbach, MB
    - Go for an evening walk, enjoying the stars
    - Curl up with a book you've been wanting to read

    1. I love the stars! Sometimes I will lay in the middle of a driveway really early in the morning, when the sky is clear, and get lost in their beauty. Great point!

  5. Kim-Mt. Pleasant, NC

    -Be healthier by drinking more water and eating better.
    -getting away from social media for a few hours and detaching from the world.

    Enjoying your blog posts on this so far!!

    1. So glad you are enjoying the series!

      Getting away from social media is so important! Thanks for commenting!

  6. Allison -Rochester, MN
    -Spending more time in prayer

    1. Prayer is such a wonderful thing. What an honor to be able to talk to Jesus wherever we are, no matter our moods, or circumstances!

  7. 1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier to start my day with devotion time/prayer.
    2. Book a spa day!
    Bethany Jacksonville, FL