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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Being Content While Single: Intro

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to write a mini series about Intentional Living. I have never done something like this before, so I agreed. 16 bloggers from different corners, all joining together to write their take on Intentional Living. Everyone of us has a different topic, under the Intentional Living umbrella.
I thought I had chosen my topic right away. But then, I battled for weeks. I had a little list of topics that I was comfortable with, and someone knowledgeable about. "Being thankful." "Being a good friend." "Loving people like Jesus does." "Listening to God's voice." "Being kind." But, you aren't reading any of those right now. You're reading about Being Content While Single.
Bah. Not my plan at all. Writing about being kind, thankful, or loving people is easy, because it isn't really personal. It doesn't get into the nitty gritty. Writing about being single is getting into areas I'm not comfortable with myself, and sharing them with people I don't even know. I knew this is what I am supposed to be sharing, but I refused for weeks. Once I told God ,that in fact, He knew better than I, and accepted this topic, I had peace.
Just to be clear, if it were up to me, I would already be married to a tall, handsome, plaid wearing, Jesus loving, adventure taking kinda man. I would have lots of babies, and be content to be in my kitchen, wearing an apron and lipstick, and being the sweetest little house wife this world has ever known.
But, that's not my life. I am single and 25. I have heard every cliche, story, and piece of advice in the book about being single, waiting on God's timing, and men. The girls in my freshmen small group at youth group have had more boyfriends in six months than I've had, ever. I haven't dated much at all. I am the perpetual bridesmaid, always being told that I'm just like the girl from that movie, 27 Dresses. I only have 3 things on my 'make it or break it list', and I haven't really found a man that meets all of them. I don't think my standards are unattainably high, I just know that I am wonderful, and worth a good man who loves Jesus, more than he could ever love me. I have tried blind dates and online dating. It just hasn't worked. I believe God knows my man, and is working things out, in His perfect timing. Sometimes, I get easily frustrated and annoyed with my lack of man and babies, but I have learned so much the past year or so about God's faithfulness, so I know He has me, and He has this.
Discontentment is something I don't normally struggle with, but naturally, as I prepare to write this week, I have struggled in the worst way. So, everything I write, God is teaching and reteaching me a step ahead of you reading it.

So, with all of that being said, here it is. A week's worth of me trying to figure out how to be content with this single season I'm in, so I can then share it with y'all. I hope you stayed tuned for all five days.

There are 15 other bloggers doing the same thing, just with different topics. Check them out, and be encouraged.

GiveAWay Info: I will be giving a way a prize pack with some of my favorite goodies at the end of this series! There is only one prize. You can enter every day of the week by answering the question at the end of each daily blog. Leave a comment with your name, city and state, and your answer to my question to be entered in this week's prize pack! I will announce the winner in a post on Saturday, April 13th, 2013. The winner will have to contact me via email at with their mailing address to receive their prize. Good luck!
Sunday's question: What area of singleness do you struggle the most with?

Love, Michelle :)

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  1. I love this series, and am so glad that I found it. I'm catching up (albeit a little bit late). There are so many things about singleness that are hard for me, but I think more than anything I want a family - I want to have that belonging and companionship. And I want babies. :)

    My name is Stephanie and I live in Ohio.

    1. I am so glad you found it too! How did you hear about it?

      I hear you on wanting babies! I want a lot!

  2. There are soooo many hard parts, but the part that I am struggling with the most is being 30 and one of my last single friends (and one I live with) just entering a relationship. The person who has struggled with me has now crossed to the other side and I feel more isolated in this world of singleness than ever. I want to be happy and pretend its all okay ( I am happy for her but I'm more sad for me). I am dreading the moment she gets engaged for fear it will crush me! I am working hard to stay connected to God, stay positive and make the absolute most of this wild and beautiful life that I have but its becoming harder and harder when I am faced everyday with the reality of being single in a world of attached friends.

    1. Thanks for being so honest! It is certainly hard as close friends get engaged and married. You will be in my prayers this week!

    2. Thanks Michelle- I will pray for you too.

  3. Michelle, thank you so much for writing a series on this topic! This is an area of my life that I have really tried to be intentional about lately and making the most of my life during this season of singleness. I would say the part of singleness that I struggle with is the area of my unfulfilled "plans." Ever since I was young, I have had my whole life planned out and so far, everything has gone pretty much how I wanted it to, except in the relationship area. I'm 25 years old now and I've had very few (and by few, I mean none) real relationships. I had always hoped to be married with babies by the time I was 24 but I suppose God has a better plan and purpose for my life at this moment. I am working on letting go of my so-called plans (which is so difficult for a type A, OCD type personality!) and trusting that He knows and desires what's best for my life! :) Bethany, Jacksonville, FL