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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

kindness challenge again

I have a small group of high school girls I see on a weekly basis at church. Recently I encouraged my small group girls to be kind. The think I'm kinda crazy, and told me it is hard to be kind. I remeinded them that I wasn't asking for huge acts of kindness. Just small, consistent, intentional acts of kindness. They grumbled about my challenge, so I am not sure if they will do it. But it got me thinking.

I was reminded how easy it is to slip into my own life, where all that matters is me. Kindness is not something that is expected. It is not glamorous. No one gives out gold stars for being kind. It is is easy to get caught up in life and just making that work. Kindness is often inconvient and uncomfortable. Sometimes it can cost money or time. When we don't receive thank you's, and our feelings get hurt. It can be hard.

So, get over it.

Be kind. You are not too busy, money is not too tight, and you have enough people around you to be kind.

So, I challenge you and I once again. Spend the next week doing daily acts of kindness. Don't just do them for people you know. Be kind to strangers. Even if it is uncomfortable.

Pray specifically for people and how you can be kind in a way that makes a difference to them. Then do it.

I challenge you to involve other people. Challenge your kids, students, co workers, whoever to also be kind this week.

I would love to hear of fun and creative ways you shared kindness this week!

Seven days. Seven ways. Be kind.

Love, M

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  1. Be nice. I like it. Simple yet so hard to do. Thanks Michelle.