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Sunday, December 2, 2012

What a night!

Tonight I went to a fundraiser event for an awesome organization, key of hope. Twenty something women from my church are going to South Africa in July to love people, and be Jesus in a broken land. I enjoyed going and hearing of what God is doing there now though His obedient people. My heart leapt for joy as I learned more of the adventure ahead for these women.

I hadn't planned on going tonight. Originally, I didn't really want to. I have a few days off of work, and I wanted to relax, and spend time alone. But I felt a tugging on my heart to go, and so I went.
I was so blessed beyond words.

Five separate people came up to me, and shared that they read my blog. I laughed. They read this? This string of jumbled words from a nobody of a girl? Well that didn't make sense. Apparently, not only did they read it, but they knew my stories.

They prayed for baby Nestor, they read of God's faithfulness, they watched the Healer fix this girl's broken heart. It blew me away.

A little while later, a woman came up to me and encouraged me about being single. She was in my small group. I had recently spoke out about the pressure in the church world to be married young, and how it feels like we are inadequate to serve in ministry without a husband. Being content while being 25 and single is hard sometimes. She encouraged me to wait on His timing and find joy in Christ alone. She also thought my hair was cute, which made me laugh because it was so dirty!

I was also blessed to spend most of the evening cuddling and sneaking desserts to my niece. She is my best friend's daughter, and one of the few absolute loves of my life. I prayed for her years before she was here, and tonight she said my name for the first time. (She just calls me "M".)

Big tears welled up in my eyes, as I reflected on how faithful God really is.

There was a silent auction, and a life auction tonight. I bid on a cute, homemade, yellow quilt, and my bid won! I love knowing my money is going to share the name of Jesus, and I got a cozy quilt to cuddle up with.

A few times tonight I shared stories of how amazing this year has been. (Check back soon for 'M's top 12 moments of 2012')  And I became so excited thinking of stories that I can't tell quite yet, because they have not come to frutation yet, but believing they will. Things are happening, big things! My heart was reminded of how I want to go and serve, but for now we wait and serve.

I had a conversation with a dear friend tonight. We both want to be in other countries serving there. We don't want to be here. But God has us in the places we are for a reason, and we trust He is faithful, and ALL things work together for good for them that love Him, and are called according to His purposes.

God knew I needed a sweet night, full of refreshment. What a perfect way to start vacation week! :)

If you would like to support any of the women going to South Africa, please let me know. $2,500 is due by the middle of January, with more to raise in the following months. If you cannot give, please be in prayer for peace for these girls as they raise money, and for God to move mountains on their behalf.

Our God doesn't change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The same God that used five loaves of bread, and two fish to feed 5,000+ people is still doing miracles today. I cannot wait to hear the stories of God doing big things. :)
Have a great day!

Love, M :)

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