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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prince Charming.

My three year old best friend and I were talking over breakfast earlier this week.
She is a big believer in fairy tales, magic, and Santa. I love it. Spending time with her is great for my imagination. She is the reason I laugh so much. It's wonderful.
Over breakfast, we were discussing what we would ask Santa for this Christmas. She wants a giraffe and a new leotard. I told her I wanted new jeans, a few kitchen gadgets, and my prince charming to show up.
She laughed, and as serious as could be, told me, "Mechelle, you don't need to ask Santa for your prince. You already have one. Jesus is your prince charming."
This mini me of a girl has never heard me talk about men, because there hasn't been any. But she has heard me talk about Jesus as my best friend. She has heard me talk to Him while driving. She has caught me reading His words early with my coffee. In her little three year old mind, it makes sense to her.
Jesus is my Prince Charming.
I have been laughing over it all week. But then I started to think on it. It's kind of true. He thinks I am beautiful. I am His beloved. He values me. He wants to spend time with me. He loves me with an overwhelming and unconditional love. My heart belongs to Him.
So, as I still pray for my manly prince, I rejoice that Jesus is my Prince. He is the Prince of Peace.
Hope that made you laugh. Oh, out of the mouths of babes. :)
Have a great Thursday. Smile a little bit, the weekend is almost here.
Love, M :)

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