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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday!

I write this in shock. How has it been a year already?!?! Life is flying by! It has been one year since I wrote this first blog. I never intended on actually writing much. I never planned on people reading this. I just kinda did it on a whim.

Well, 365 days, 4671 views, and numerous countries later, here we are.

It has been a wild ride. I am blown away at all that has transpired over the past year.

So, bear with me, since I am celebrating, I want to share my top 12 moments of 2012 with you, so this is going to be a long one!

What an adventure. I went all alone, to the farthest I have been away, for the longest time I have been away, to serve people I had no clue about. I lived in Cochabamba, Bolivia for six weeks. I fell in love with the culture, with the people, and the country. I went to work with orphans, and I did, but I fell in love with kids on the street. My heart broke for them. I then know that I want to be in fulltime missions, loving people that have often been forgotten about. I long for the day to be in South America again.

I nanny fulltime, when I'm not out saving the world. :) The family I nanny for has a little girl who is my absolute best friend. I love her more than I have ever loved a person. She had a little brother born earlier this year. I was nervous, could I love him too? Well, without a doubt, he has my heart. He is the reason I love early mornings, because we get to cuddle. These precious babes are everything to me, and have enhanced my life like I never thought possible.

Karen is the little girl I sponsor through Compassion International. She lives in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and I was able to meet her, and spend a day with her this spring. She is a delightful little girl. She just turned 6 this fall. She is full of life and energy. I was able to supply some basic needs for the family, and share Christ's love with them. It may be the best day of my life.

Many of you know the story of Nestor. I know this, because I run into you everywhere, and you ask about him, or tell me you are still praying for him. This little baby boy with a broken heart became my baby boy. I fell in love with him, and through him, God helped heal my broken heart. Nestor is in Cochabamba, at a Nutrition Center.

The Wedding. 
One of my very best girlfriends got married this summer. We met in high school at church summer camp. We only lived in the same state for a year or so, but we became lifelong friends. She now lives in Louisville, and we rarely see each other, but this summer, I flew down twice to spend time with her, and prepare for the wedding. It was so much fun! I love the man she married. He is a good man that loves Jesus, and loves her. It was such a sweet wedding.

While living in Bolivia, I began praying to move closer to work, family, friends, and church. I also prayed for a specific amount for rent. Within days of me being back home, doors opened up, and I now live in the most darling area with the sweetest downtown, and to the penny, I pay what I prayed for.

Live Live Church.
This fall, I was asked to come on staff at a small church, as their children's director. After praying, and seeking counsel, I took the position. After 20 years of wanting to be in ministry, a door opened up where I am now paid to do part time ministry, loving kids. Its mind blowing how good God is.

The Oakland Press.
Earlier this fall, The Oakland Press added this blog, my nonsensical writings to their list of blogs on their website. I was amazed at how this girl, who is not a writer, is now writing, and more people are reading. I get to share His faithfulness, and how Jesus is changing my life with people I don't even know.

I have begun to fall in love with the city of Pontiac. Perhaps because it is broken, I am drawn to it. But I have met the most wonderful people by just loving them, and feeding them on the weekends. They need a real Savior just as much as someone in another country. But while God has me here, I want to love here. So, I try.

On the first day of autumn, one of my best friends and I flew to Chicago. We flew in at 8 that morning, and flew out at 8 that night. We had no plans, no agendas, no expectations. We just spontaneously went. It was the most beautiful day. We rode the ferris wheel, we ate a hot dog from a street cart, we shared Jesus over a cup of coffee to a man, we just lived life to the fullest.

Random friends.
This year was a year filled with amazing friends. People I had just met, or relationships 20 years old were flourishig into friendships. I havefriends in almost 20 states, and multiple countries around the world now. I have become very good friends with the strangest group of people. People that don't dress like I do, talk like I do, or even believe like I do. I am honored to have the friends I have. I never thought one of my best friends would be gay, or another friend would have never before stepped inside a church. But Jesus has given me new eyes this year, to really love like He loves. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love these people with everything in me. I am so blessed they allow this crazy girl to be apart of their lives.

He is real.
Over the course of a few events earlier this year, I realized how real our God is. He revealed Himself in ways that blows my mind. He is faithful. He is close to the broken hearted. He is the one that comforts my soul. He is my best friend. He is real. He is more than just Sunday morning church. He loves me more than I could ever begin to comprehend. I have His favor. I am His beloved. He doesn't change. He is always good. He alone conquered sin, hell, death, the grave, and Satan himself. He brings joy in the sadness. He brings peace. I have purpose, only because of Him.

So, if you actually made it this far, thank you. I know that was a lot to read. My heart rejoices, after being reminded of such a special year. I wait eagerly to see what is coming up in the next year. I know its going to be big!

Thanks for supporting me by reading!

Have a great day!

Love, M :)

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  1. Great post Michelle. It is great to look back and see all the blessings that God provides for us. He always seems to provide them right when we need them.