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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Super Strength

Do you ever have those moments of super strength? Not quite the pick up cars and save people strength. I'm talking about a moment when you are so strong it doesn't even make sense. A moment when emotionally you are somehow put together so beautifully that you can carry other's burdens, even if only for that moment.
I had a super strength night.
My best friend from high school's  family feels like my own. I call her grandparents, grandparents. Her parents are mom and dad to me. I am often referred to as the second daughter. We have been apart of each other's lives for over ten years.
Earlier this week my friend's uncle passed away. It was very unexpected. It has been a rough week for more people I love.
My first thought when I heard, was you have got to be kidding me Lord! I just did this. The whole funeral mess, and people I love being heartbroken. Seriously?!? We're doing this again??
So, I prayed for strength.
My friend's mom called me yesterday and asked me to make cookies for the family to snack on during the funeral home time. If you know me, you know there are very few things that make my heart as happy as baking for someone I love. So, I baked. I then drove over to her house to drop them off. It was already late, and I should've been in bed, but I knew I needed to be there. So mom and talked, and talked until one in the morning. It was good for both of us to chat. I told her stories of God's faithfulness that I hadn't really shared with anyone before. I shared in different areas how He is working. It was good.
I got four hours of sleep before the alarm went off for work. But even at work today, He gave me rest. It was so weird, but so wonderful. I wasn't too tired. I wasn't cranky. I wasn't overwhelmed. I was resting in Him.
I went up to the funeral home tonight. Dreading going, but knowing He had to be my strength.
He was.
I was able to hold, hug, and comfort the broken. Mama Michelle snapped into mode, and I made sure everyone was hydrated. I helped get paperwork done. I chatted with people I had never met. I shared about the hope we have in Jesus. I talked with the funeral director for a while. It was so bizarre. I had strength.
Someone had approached me because they had recognized me. I didn't know from where, they didn't look familiar. Then they realized, it was from Ariel's funeral. I even had strength to share stories about her. I didn't want to, but I did. And there was healing in that.
I don't feel overwhelmed. I feel His strength and His power.
The funeral is tomorrow. Please be praying for the family. Pray for peace, rest, and healing. Pray that the gospel is preached, and hearts are ready to hear it. Pray that people turn to Jesus. Pray for me to continue to be strength for these people I love.
Love, M.

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