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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life is crazy.

Christmas is next week. Oh my.
I still have....
Presents to buy. Presents to wrap. Desserts to bake. Parties to attend. Friends to see. Clothes to wash. Cards to mail. Rooms to clean. Errands to run. Shopping to do. Bills to pay. Things to find. Items to return. Gifts to make. Play dates to schedule. Phone calls to make. Dishes to wash. Nails to paint. Hair to cut.
Does the list ever end?
I didn't think the holidays were getting to me, until I lost my mind a lil bit this weekend.
I found the cutest idea to make Christmas presents for friends, and package them in mason jars. (Check back after Christmas for a tutorial!) So, I made my list, and went off to the store. I checked out, paid, and went to the car. Only to realize minutes later, I forgot to buy the mason jars. So, I drove around the parking lot, to rush back in and buy the jars. I then came home, and realized the jars were much too big for the project I needed them for. So, I hopped back in my car, drove back up to the store, and bought smaller jars. I came home, exasperated, but ready to craft. I opened the jars, and instantly realized these were too small. So, for the next trip to the store, I brought the two previously purchased cases of jars back to return them. I walked up to the door, only to realize the door was locked. The cashier who had helped me my three previous shopping trips, was now laughing at me, but came to my rescue. She then informed me that the service desk was closed, so I would have to come back in the morning to return the jars. Annoyed, I bought the medium sized jars, and just came home. Thirty six jars, four store trips, and three hours later, my project was finished. I was exhausted.
I told a friend, and she told me I must have too much on my mind with Christmas coming up.
It's true. I'm stressed. I currently don't have enough money or free time to finish what I need to for Christmas. I will have both, but not until the end of the week. I have something planned almost every second of the next two weeks. I am losing my mind. How is it all going to get done?
I know I'm not the only one. This is life in America, especially during the holidays.
The point of Christmas is not to buy the perfect gift, to make the most delightful dessert, to be at every party you're invited to, or even to spend time with family.
It's all about Jesus.
In the hustle and bustle of this weekend, I forgot that. I became overwhelmed with life, because I took my eyes off of Jesus. I got caught up in what Christmas isn't about, and forgot who it is about.
He wants us to rest in Him. He wants us to remember what He did for us.
Being stressed, airheaded, and mean doesn't bring Him any glory.
So, I challenge you this week, daily take time to spend with Him. Sit at His feet. Soak up His words. Leave the phone and the list. Focus on Him. He is the only reason for the season.
Who knows, maybe spending quality time with Him will help with time management, and stress levels too!
Happy Monday!
Love, M :)

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  1. LOL...Thanks for the good morning laugh!
    "Martha Martha Martha" This seems to be the cold this time of year. And if not careful it sure is catchy and infectious. Have a blessed day~