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Thursday, March 29, 2012

These city lights....a girl could get lost tonight...

I normally prefer to fly early in the morning. I don't know if I have ever flown at night and sat by a window.

Tonight, I left Coch and flew to Santa Cruz. Coch Valley is strikingly beautiful. It is a huge, densely packed city, full of lights. At night, from a plane, it looks like God spilled glitter from Heaven onto a black sheet in a perfectly precisioned manner.

It must've been one of the prettiest things I have ever seen.

Blue, Orange, and white glitter, sparkling down below. Looking just like the magical city that stile my heart 6 short weeks ago.

Cochabamba, I will miss you, and your surprising beauty. You hold a special place in my heart, and I long to return one day. I hope for the day when I can call you home.

More stories.....

A man told me to go up the electronic ladder to immigration. He meant escalator.

Trying to leave the bag was searched twice. Once because I have a flashlight, and it showed up on the xray. The second time almost everything was taken out of my carry on. My bags of coffee were cut open and he smelled them to make sure I wasn't smuggling coke. He complimented how good the coffee smelled. (I laughed. It is great coffee) I was then questioned by two men. I then thought I was in the clear. But then a woman directed me into a room and patted me down.

So glad my Jesus was with me. I wasn't freaked out.

I was humored that little, missionary, me appeared to be a threat. But grateful they are strict on drug trafficking. I believe Bolivia is the 2nd or 3rd biggest coke distributor in the world. And the good ole US of A is the number one consumer in the world. Interesting fact.

I am now in a room waiting to go to the gate. It's after one in the morning and I am getting tired.

Hoping we board soon. I am looking forward to a nap en route to Panama!

I am now in Miami. My flight home has been delayed by three hours. I am just ready to be home. I am tired. I am tired of sleeping in airports and airplanes. I am anxious to see my family.

But even here, God is using me.

A woman ran up to me, and frantically asked if I spoke English. She then shared that her daughter is having her first baby in Miami. The woman is from Chicago. She was so upset because she got a cab to see her daughter, but was $17 short. Her bank card wasn't working, and she didn't know where to go next, or what to do. I handed her some money, and asked if I could pray for her. She started crying, and agreed. She was overwhelmed by me, but I just told her, its just Jesus. Please be praying for Joann and her daughter Sarah,  having a baby.

I am so glad He is using me in tangible ways in foreign places, and home too. What a good God we serve.

Flight should leave around 10! Be home early tomo morning!

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