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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just popping by...

Happy Wednesday! Just popping by to say hello!

I went with Kathryn this morning to pick up the newest member of our team, Devon. She is from Texas, and is here for a year. We had a blast yelling at her from the observation deck! What dorks. We got home, and got her settled in. Be praying for her, she has a case of altitude sickness. She had a layover in La Paz. La Paz is the highest capital city and the highest airport in the world. So, she isn´t feeling the greatest. We took her out to lunch at one of my favorite places, Sumo. They have yummy panini sandwiches and fresh juices. We popped by the internet cafe to touch base with the world. And next, we are going to the ladies´tea at church.

Nothing too crazy or new has been happening here.

Kiddos havent had school the past 3 days due to blockades. There are blockades because people are protesting. I´m not exactly sure what or why.

I got a manicure for about $2 USD. It was very nice. The girl who works at the little salon is Sonya. Be praying for her. We are becoming friends, and I want to share more about my heart and passions, but my Spanish is struggling.

I only have 2 weeks left here in this beautiful country. I have started making a bucket list of all the things I want to do before leaving. Hoping to get as much done as possible.

Sunday a few of us went up to the Cristo statue. It was the tallest Jesus statue in the world until Poland finished theirs recently. It was pretty amazing. We were able to walk up inside about up to the arms of Jesus. The staircases were narrow and winding. I think it may have been a once in a life time thing. Was not a fan of being inside, but glad I did it. To dispell many rumors, I did not go to Rio de Janerio. The Cochabamba Jesus statue is in the valley, and is actually larger than Brasil´s. I am still in Bolivia. HA HA! It was a beautiful view! I´ll throw pictures up later!

Have a wonderful day! Love, M

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