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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Haiti next?

I want my heart to mimic Jesus' heart. He loves broken people. I want to love broken people. He has a heart for the nations. I want to have a heart for the nations. He loves those who don't know him. I want to love those who don't know him. This fall, some of our youth from church are going to Haiti for a week. There is a possibility I would be able to go as a leader. If you know me, this excites my soul. I would turn 25 in Haiti. Serving people, loving orphans, painting, building, and working with the youth I love. What an ideal birthday! Please be praying as I figure things out with work and finances. Please be praying for our youth as they prepare to go. Pray for all of our upcoming findraisers to be successful. Pray for the people who are supposed to go, to go. Pray for ministry in Haiti going on now. Love, M

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  1. Oh yeah sister! If God wants there, you know you are going! Can't wait to see how it all unfolds! Love ya girl!