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Monday, April 2, 2012

Thank you.

Life is back to normal. Like it or not. Ready or not. It is.

I have had some time to ponder. I am such a blessed girl. Blessed beyond words could begin to describe.

I have an incredible God who thinks of me as the apple of His eye. He provides, comforts, loves, and is so faithful.

I have some of the most amazing encouragers in the world. Emails, cards, Facebook postings, smiles, and hugs... Wow! Every encouragement came at EXACTLY the perfect time. Thank you for being my cheerleaders!

I have had more people praying for me then ever before. People I know committed to pray for me every day. And people who I didn't even know were praying. Thank you. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your prayers. Your prayer is the only way I did what I did.

Thank you to every person who contributed even a penny to help. My flight, my food, my ministry, my bills back home, was not possible without such generous donors. I wish I had the time to share all the stories of how even being back, you continue to be gracious. Thank you!

Some of you just followed the journey. We don't have similar views on who Jesus is. You don't agree with what I believe, but you agree with what I do. I am grateful to have shared my journey with you. It has been fun. I look forward to sharing more of the journey in person. That excites my soul.

I feel like I have an army behind me. My family. My closest friends. Friends all across this country. My church family. Girls I used to work with. Neighbors. A lady from Meijer. A friend in Japan. A man from the gas station. A local newspaper reporter. People I have never met. And I'm certain that the largest percentage is the silent crowd. People I didn't even know were on this journey with me.

Thank you.

You have blessed my soul. You have encouraged me. You have prayed for me. You have held my hand and cried with me. You have handed me money in faith. You have followed silently. You have been there.

Thank you.

This story isn't yet done. It's just a new chapter beginning. I am hoping to share my dreams and passions for the next season of life soon. I am excited, and slightly terrified. But I have a big God.

Love you. All.


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