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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I wish I could spend hours with everyone I have ever met, just sharing stories. I would laugh, cry, and remember.

I would share what I have seen, what I have felt, what broke my heart, the real people who need a real Jesus, my passion, my heart, and my hopes and dreams for now, and the future.

I have started and restarted so many blogs. There are so many things to share. How do I even begin?

My heart is very much still in Bolivia. I only left a week ago. I have been home for only a few days. It is so strange to have two lives and so quickly be thrown from one to the other. Since being home, I have spoken in Spanish and wondered why people have strange looks on their faces. I have brushed my teeth with filtered water, and not flushed toilet paper. I was completely overwhelmed by the drive thru and the grocery store. I have been shocked when realizing the price of a soda could buy dinner for a family in Bolivia. I have kissed so many cheeks awkwardly while people hugged me. I have cried and cried wishing my arms could hold an orphan, my words could sooth a broken heart of a girl on the street, my hands could hand food to the homeless.

I have had so many confirmations that this girl was meant to be a missionary for longer than six weeks. I want to go for a year or longer. I want to do it.

I know with so much conviction that I am supposed to be home for this season. I keep asking to be a voice for the broken. And He keeps opening doors. Day after day. He is faithful to give me opportunities to share. I have a heart and a passion for Detroit, for freedom, for Jesus, and for girls. I really think the door is opening for BIG things to happen with all of those passions. He keeps giving me a dream, a vision, a heart, and a passion. It has been amazing how many people are already encouraging me and praying for me in this next chapter. I have no clue what I am doing. None. I am just trying to trust moment by moment, and be obedient. I want to be a voice, I want to bring love, justice, and freedom in Jesus' name.

I am looking forward to sharing more as life unfolds. I have other big stories that are still in the process of coming together. Life is exciting, scary, unknown, and adventurous. My Jesus is overwhelming in His love, provider, and full of favor.


Love, M

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