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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


2015 was a full year. 

•I had the privilege to serve and teach at my favorite place, the Hope Warming Center, on numerous Tuesday mornings. 

•I trusted Jesus in the unknown of leaving my church, losing my job, job hunting, still bring single, starting to write my book, and my car dying. 

•I wore the largest flower crowns my little head could hold, and loved every moment. 

•We celebrated my baby sister graduating from high school. 

•I met Miss Phyllis, and she changed my world. 

•I spent a week with my grandparents in Phoenix, and shared my heart over late night chats. 

• I went on a family weekend getaway, and enjoyed a lot of sister time. 

•I met one of my very best friends on the internet, and was able to have some adventures together in Texas. 

•Four of us saw a need, and felt a call, so we started hitting the streets of Pontiac to show the love of Jesus to prostitutes and the the homeless. 

•I help launch Jen Hatmaker's latest book, For The Love, and then went to her house to celebrate. 

•My best friend came home twice this year! 

•I became an abolitionist, and made a stand against human trafficking. 

•My baby girl moved to Wyoming, and I cried for about six months. 

•I raised over $1000 for victims of human trafficking, by wearing a dress every day in December, so I jumped in a lake on Christmas morning. 

•I helped deliver a baby of one of my homeless girls. Best night of my life. 

•I completed a half marathon, and these feet took me to two countries.

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