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Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Faves!

•This song has been my favorite jam to run to lately. Something about singing "this is my fight song, take back my life song..." really gets me amped up. Nice work, Rachel. Also. Great hair...

•This water. I have never really been into flavored and carbonated water. I just drink it right from the tap, no problem. But I have been loving soda again. I blame Coke's cutesy "share a coke with..." campaign. It's just adorable. And makes me want to drink all. the. cans. Especially if the say things like adventurer or dreamer. Anyway. Because I'm trying to kick the soda habit, but now love the flavor and bubbles, I've switched over to this goodness, and it's helping break my love of soda. I think? Maybe. Whatever. This stuff tastes like a tropical vacation. So that's nice too. 

•So if y'all have been around for even a little bit, you would know, I'm pretty much all about this beautiful For the Love sisterhood. Jen Hatmaker has invited us down to her farmhouse in Buda (Yes, that gorgeous one from her hgtv show!) for a book launch team party. I knew I just had to get there, one way or another. Well, this week I was told that an anonymous angel bought my tickets down there, and due to a bit of extra babysitting, I was able to pay my portion of the house I'm staying at. I. Am. Thrilled. Plus, I am going down a few days early and visiting friends in Austin, and then staying a few days later, and visiting friends in Hosuton. So this is turning into a real vacation. I am so excited. I still need to buy my flight home, and figure out finances for a few other things, but it's really happening! Ah!!! 

•Two of my favorite things in the world are fireworks and ferris wheels. And this weekend had them both. I went to the Tiger's game on Saturday, and I got to experience them both! 

•Yoga. On. The. Beach. At. Sunset. Combining another three of my favorite things. 

•hair chalk. Y'all. This is best. I just used art chalk pastels on wet hair, let it dry, used a little bit of heat to seal it in, and I had mermaid hair all day. And then this morning, I just washed it all out, and I'm back to blonde. This is my new favorite way to mix up my look. Who doesn't want mermaid hair while laying out at the beach?! 

•Sweet nature. 


Happy weekend. Love, M 

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