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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's day of adventures

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is a day when kiddos will bring decorated shoeboxes to school to trade goodies, husbands will bring flowers home, women will prepare candle lit dinners, girls will enjoy a boxes of chocolate with friends, daddies will write sweet notes to their kiddos, couples will get engaged, and the whole world will stop, and think on this idea of love.

Well, the store was out of my favorite candy, I don't have a significant other, and my plans for tonight are Bible study. But, instead of being cranky about it, I want to share why Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days.

The last few years of my life have been pretty adventurous. I have had many moments where it feels like everything pauses for just a moment, and then life changes drastically. A couple of my biggest moments happened on February 14th.

Last year, on Valentine's Day, I hopped on a plane (actually four planes) to go to Bolivia. Alone, and ready for adventure, I lived in South America for 6 weeks loving and caring for orphans, people on the street, sick babies, and people everywhere. I went not knowing what to expect, slightly scared outta my mind, but ready to watch what God would do. It was incredible. By far, one of my favorite things of my life.

Three years ago on Valentine's Day, I moved out of my parents, and into my first place. I was nervous. I had never lived alone. But, I found out who I was, I taught myself to cook, I had so many adventures in that little apartment. It was incredible. My relationship with Jesus became more real. He became my everything.

So, today, I embark on another adventure. Nervous, excited, and ready. A few girls and I are launching our new website today. Our heart is to share the Gospel, and God's grace. There are devotions, declarations, recipes, diy projects, places to ask for prayer, and even giveaways. Something will be posted every day, so keep stopping in. :) I encourage you to check it out. Today is our launch party day! Wander around, enter giveaway contests, and be encouraged. :)

So, today enjoy sweets with your sweeties, and know you are loved.

You are loved by a real God, the Creator of the universe. He desires to be the lover of your soul.

Happy Valentine's Day. Have a lovely day. Love, M :)

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