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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A lesson from lights in the rear view mirror.

This morning, on my way to church, I was singing along to worship music while driving down the road. It had just snowed, so I-75 was a little slick. I was keeping up with traffic, going a safe speed. It was under the speed limit. So, imagine my surprise when I saw lights flashing in my rear view mirror for me.

I pulled over on the shoulder of I-75. It has always been number one on my list of places I didn't want to be pulled over. But, there I was. Slight panic rose in my chest as the officer walked toward me. He had a kind face, but I could tell very quickly he could turn into the bad cop. He then informed me that my tab on my license plate was expired. I knew this. I then explained my airheaded story. I had been so excited to put my new sticker on as soon as I got it in the mail for my birthday, I ran outside, and placed it on. Well, it had been slightly damp, because of the rain, it lost the stickiness. I was worried to leave it on there and lose it while driving, so I stuck it on the inside of my windshield to remind myself to get a new one. It had just been up there for so long, I completely forgot. The officer was slightly baffled, as he leaned in the window, and saw it.

He then asked for my driver's license, just to check everything out. I reached into the backseat to grab my purse. I did, and very quickly realized my wallet was missing. I frantically looked in the other random bags, but it wasn't there. I then in a very shaky voice admitted that I didn't know where my wallet was, but if I had to guess, it was on the kitchen counter, in my apartment. This never happens. I am normally a pretty responsible girl. I have been so good at having my purse and wallet together.

I must have looked close to crying, because he reminded me that I was not going to jail, and then he laughed. He asked me if I actually had a valid driver's license. When I replied yes, he told me to have a wonderful day, and to drive safe. That was it.

He never asked my name, he didn't give me a ticket for having my sticker in the wrong place, or for not having my license on me. He didn't lecture me, yell at me, or belittle me.

He showed me mercy and grace by not giving me what I deserved, and what I couldn't have earned in that moment.

All I could think of as I drove off, was how often does that same thing happen to me, but with Jesus.

When I make mistakes (sin), Jesus forgives me. Not because I have my act together, not because I'm cute, not because I am doing good things. He doesn't have to. But He does because of His grace, mercy, and love for me.

He loves me. I have His favor. I'm His girl. He has shown me grace and mercy.

It doesn't make sense. It isn't fair. And I am so grateful.

Have a wonderful start to your week.

Remember, no matter the situations you find yourself in, He is there.

love, M

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