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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

He cares about my computer?

I have bad luck with electronics. The cd player in my car and my ipod were destroyed four years ago on a bad date. My laptop quit working a week after I moved out of my parents, three years ago. I dropped my cell phone the day after I canceled insurance on it, last month. The screen is cracked, the battery life is two hours at best, and sometimes it just quits working.
I promise, I am not complaining. I've been okay. I know I could spend money to remedy all of that, but it just isn't that important to me. So, I listen to cassette tapes in my car, or when my phone isn't being sassy, I plug it into a cassette adapter, and listen to internet radio. I don't mind going to the library to use the computers to write. I love to people watch. And I have an app on my phone to write all of my blogs on when its late at night. It's how I've done it the past year. I like it.
But, when approached to write consistently for, I knew I needed a more reliable computer. Life has been too busy to make it to the library, and I couldn't download an app to post from. So, I weighed my options. I could buy a used computer online, but who knows how shady that could be. So, I went to the store, hoping to be able to open store credit, and pay for some that day, and pay the rest off in the next couple months. I was denied. I was so annoyed.
Clearly this didn't make sense. I needed a computer to write about God's faithfulness. Why wasn't He being faithful?
I remember talking with my friend about my annoyance, and we agreed that this was just going to be a cool God story....eventually.
A week or so later, a friend got back to me about a message I had sent her about helping me look for a computer on Craigslist. I told her I needed it for writing and ministry. She then told me I could just have her old one, because they just bought a new one, and didn't know what to do with the old one. She told me she saw it everyday, sitting on a shelf, and meant to get rid of it, but it never felt like the right time. But she knew now was the right time. She drove it to me a few days later, and dropped it off. Free of charge. It isn't the nicest and the newest, but it works perfectly for me and my situation.
I am baffled again that the God of Heaven worked it out so I was not worried about paying something off, or driving around looking for one. He had it delivered to my front porch. He is so faithful. He cares about the tiniest details of my life.
What. A. God.
How has God wowed you lately? Are your eyes open to see it?
Happy Tuesday. Love, M


  1. God wows me on a daily basis! I especially love that He delivered it to your door!

  2. Andy Always says "Nita, you are so hard on electronics." I think I just have bad luck. I have gone through 8 Ipods in 4 years!!
    I have NO idea have the time why they quit.
    They are my strongest running partner and Monday Another one Bit the DUST!
    Good stuff Michelle...BTW..I need your Address!!!