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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Start dreaming...

How is it already mid January? I am amazed. Where have the last few weeks gone? Between friends in town, work, and getting sick, time has flown by.
I spent some time this weekend reflecting on the past year, and making plans for this year.
This year is so fresh, so full of possibilities. What will become of 2013? Will it be full of adventure? Love? Joy? Conquering goals? Newness? Travel?
I have talked with a few of my closest girlfriends about this lately. It seems like we are all sitting on the cusp of big things right now. We have allowed ourselves to dream out loud, and wonder what God has for us. It is an exciting yet scary conversation to have. We wonder how to get from here to there. We question if what we are doing now is really opening doors for our dreams. We plan, as single girls, wondering if maybe this will be the year things change. We want to be where His has us, but sometimes we are unsure what that looks like.
So, what are your big dreams for this year?
It's okay to dream big dreams. We have a good God, and He is faithful.
I am dreaming for: my feet to be on South American soil again, friends to know Jesus, adventures alone, and to be used wherever I am.
I am excited to watch as my friends and I see God to be faithful, and as He guides our steps to whatever is next.
Hello 2013, I can't wait.
Love, M :)

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