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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I was looking under the couch, and between the cushions for the remote the other night.
It was dark, and I couldn't see. So I opened the hall closet, and grabbed the flash light resting exactly where it should've been, in the top drawer of the storage container.
I turned it on, but there was no light. I shook it a bit, and still, nothing happened. I then opened it up, and realized it was without batteries.
Even though the flashlight was easy to find because it was exactly where it should be, it was useless because of its lack of connection to a power source, the batteries.
Often I get so busy, running everywhere, serving everyone, and being where I'm supposed to be. I forget how important being connected to a power source is.
I don't mean batteries, coffee, or even sleep.
I mean God's Word. It is powerful. It changes lives. It gives hope, peace, purpose, courage, freedom, and another chance. If I bustle around, doing everything, but forget or neglect to be in the Word daily, I am useless.
My works, words, ideas, or goodness can never do anything real for anyone. It's only Jesus, and His Word that can change a life. So even though I show up to serve, if I'm not being filled up with power from the Word before, its just draining an already empty girl.
Remember, the Bible renews, restores, brings rest,  rejuvenates, and rights relationships.
What have you been reading this week? How has it changed you?
Love, M

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