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Friday, July 13, 2012

His love is true.

Things that are truly true remain true, regardless of circumstances.

One plus one will always equal two. Even if I don't believe it.

The same is true of our Jesus.

His love is larger and more consuming than I ever thought possible. It rushes in to the deep, dark crevices to heal and restore. It never gives up. It binds up the broken hearted. It gives hope to the hopeless. It gives life and truth to the lost. It changes lives. It never runs out. It is intimate and personal. It is for every person ever born, in every place, in every time. It brings light to a darken corner. It melts stone hearts. It never fails. It calls the weary to rest. It is a father's unconditional, all consuming love. It is a free gift. We have it. It is ours.

So often, we forget it. We deny it. We ignore it. We run from it. We hide from it. We don't live it out. We act like this amazing love isn't for us. It isn't really real. It is only good in theory. We don't believe it.

But it remains true. Even when we don't believe it, His love for us is overwhelming.

So, embrace it. Jump into the ocean of love. Accept it. Run to it. Cling to it. Celebrate it. Bask in it. Run to it. Live it. It is yours, you already have it.

Focus on His love. Focus on Him. Focus on what He thinks of you.

If financial woes plague your mind, focus on the fact that He is provider.

If health worries are bothering you, remember He is healer.

If you are tired and want to give up, rest in Him, He renews and restores.

If life doesn't make sense, know that He is all knowing.

If you weep, believe that He is the Comforter.

If you just want to run away and hide, trust that He is your refuge.

If you just want to give up, let Him fight for you.

If you want to share Him, but don't know how, never forget that He will fill your mouth with His words.

Focus on Him. He is always consistent. He never changes. His love for us never wavers.

When life is so uncertain, He is our rock. Our emotions and feelings cloud our judgement of what is true, but always remember, He is always true.

Happy Friday. M.

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  1. AMEN Sister! So true, so good! So glad that our God doesn't change based on us, he is consistent and true even in our wanderings! Love focusing on Him and who our Jesus is rather than circumstances, great reminder girl!