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Thursday, May 17, 2012


So, baby Nestor did not have his surgery (to fix the hole in his heart) yet this week. (Read previous blog)

He is currently in the hospital for observation and is having a lot of testing done. I don't know many details, but it sounds like surgery is intended for Monday.

Please keep this baby boy in your prayers.

Also please be praying for my friend Kathryn as she is still recovering from her own surgery. Pray that God gives her the words to love and witness to this family in a hard time. Pray for strength, especially emotional strength. I know she is feeling exhausted and drained. Pray for doors to be opened and hearts to be softened to hear about the real Jesus.

Kathryn shared this with me earlier this week. "It is long and draining.  monday, i spent most of the day over there and it was just heartbreaking.  he needed an ekg done and it took four of us to complete it.  (i was in charge of the computer).  it was just so sad to see his little body laying there and to see his little bones and hips. His hips could not have been more than 6 inches in diameter and his bones the size of a quarter.  i do not know if i will ever get the picture of him laying there out of my head."

I am once again having a hard time not being in Bolivia. Prayers are welcome for me to have peace and contentment while in the states.

More news...I am moving!! Not to South America...yet, lol. But I am moving about 30 minutes north. It has been an incredible journey. Things I prayed for to the tiniest detail are happening. I am moving to an apartment right in an adorable downtown with a friend who shares my heart for missions. I am excited.

I have really struggled with signing a lease and making a commitment to being here, but slowly and surely I am being reminded God has me here for a purpose and He is using me here.

I am moving this weekend, and still need to pack and find people to help me move. Bah. So prayers for peace and a very productive weekend are appreciated.

I sometimes feel like this blog is me sharing bits of my heart and asking for prayer. And sometimes I feel "bad" about asking for prayer. But, there is power in prayer. I will not be ashamed. I need prayer.

 I need Him.

James 5:16 The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

So please join with me and pray for baby Nestor.

My God is good. He is sovereign. He is healer.

Love, M

He is 17 months old and 11 pounds. His heart problems have kept him from growing and developing properly.

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