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Friday, March 18, 2016

A perfectly #puremichelle proposal ๐Ÿ’›


So here is the story of when I said YES! 

So I knew a big question was coming. We have been dating with intention the entire time. Marriage has been discussed since the first hello. We didn't want to waste each other's time or emotions. We didn't want to play games. We have been ring shopping together. 

I knew it was just a matter of time. 

So Tuesday. 


I met with my cousin in the morning for coffee. We talked about marriage, babies, life, and everything in between. 

I was supposed to be meeting Steve around 10:00 am. But I was distracted, talking to my cousin, and didn't realize how late it was. So I didn't get to Steve until noonish. #alwayslate

I met him at Target, because I needed to buy deoderant. How romantic. #smellyshelly

He looked sooooooooooo handsome. I instantly thought, "THIS IS IT. ITS GOING DOWN RIGHT NOW, AT TARGET." 

But he reminded me that he had a job interview that afternoon, and I felt like a nerd for even thinking he was going to propose that day. Clearly my mind was on sparkly things. 

So we went to lunch at Jimmy Johns. We only had an hour and a half together because I showed up two hours late. But he was kind and compassionate, as always. We sat and ate, while talking comfortably about our future. 

I told him on the For The Love group page, we were discussing, and taking bets on when he would propose. I read him a few comments, and then he asked me when I thought it was going to be. I was ABSOLUTELY convinced that it would be Thursday. We had already discussed having a nice dinner Thursday evening, and I had already picked out what dress I wanted to wear. His facial expressions were hard to read, but I could tell he was thinking a lot. But he asked a few times about the FTL girls discussing the proposal. I didn't think anything of it. 

After lunch, we sat and discussed a book we have been reading together. We talked about the importance of knowing that love is more than a feeling. It requires action and commitment. It was so good, and I am so thankful we have been reading "The Right One" together. It has really help shape a lot of our intentional conversations, in preparation for marriage. 

So after lunch, he took me back to my car. We sat and prayed for a few minutes, and he was off to his interview. 

I went to Target with my best friend, Sierra, and then went to my counselor training at the crisis pregnancy center. 

After leaving my training, I called one of my best FTL girls, Kimberly. We talked and talked about Steve, the proposal, and I told her that I had a suspicion that he was going to do a cheesy video, because I accidentally saw a text on his phone the other day. She acted clueless, and I got off the phone, wandered Bath and Body Works, smelling everything. 

I then talked to my girlfriend, Shawna, and *whined* how I wished she could join us for street ministry that night. I hadn't seen her in a while, and just missed her. But she told me that there was no way she would make it to Pontiac in time. 

I then talked to Steve. And that man was so distracted. "Yes babe, I love you too... Hmmm... Yes, I'm listening. Okay. Actually, you know what? I'm helping a friend, and have to let you go. I can't focus. Okay. Call me after street ministry, praying you have an amazing night. Love you..." 

So I went to Target. (Third time that day) And I picked up a case of water for street ministry, and then headed into Pontiac. 

On my way there, my heart began to race, and I had the smallest thought that he might actually be lying, and jump out of a bush with a ring, while I was sharing Jesus. But then I remembered that he was helping a friend, and his sister was having a baby. Plus, I just KNEW he wasn't going to ask until Thursday. 

So I met up with my team. We sat in the car, chatted for a few, and prayed before we hit the streets. 

We have been going out every Tuesday night for 8 months. Our heart is for the prostitue, the homeless, the forgotten, the abandoned, the convict, the addict, the lost, the weary, and the unloved. We bring sandwiches, and the hope that is only found in Jesus. We believe in consistency, and we believe in the power of the Gospel. 

So we hit the streets. We went to our normal spots, and after hitting the library, I assumed we were going to the bus stop. But we didn't turn. David pulled into a parking spot, and Cheryl told us to get out, and we started walking. 


This was completely out of the ordinary. 

As we walked, Cheryl pushed me ahead, and told me to keep walking. 

And so as I walked, serving Jesus, and loving people, I walked right into the most beautiful love story, and directly into my proposal. 

It couldn't have been more #puremichelle 

I walked into a courtyard. It had twinkling lights, sunflowers, candles, marquee letters, beautiful table cloths, and a computer set up, with a sign to press play. 

He had set it up so beautifully. 

So I sat in the chair. And pushed play. And then pushed pause. I couldn't believe this was really happening to me. It was my turn!!! I wanted to soak up every second. 

So I pushed play again. 

Pictures of our first date scrolled by. And then pictures from the night he told me he was falling in love with me, when I told him that I loved him, showing him my name in the FTL book, showing up to lunch in matching flannels, and all of our memories. 


My dearest friend Kimberly (that I had JUST spoken with) showed up on the video, and encouraged me to "just say yes" to Steve. 

I could not believe it. 

He had been scheming with my 500 for the love sisters, and had gathered videos of them, from all over the country, just to be apart of my big night. He knew how precious they are to me, and wanted to include them. #allthefeels 

So they all knew! And had been tricking me for days!!!! AHHH! 

The video went on for 9 minutes, and the whole time I screamed "SERIOULSY! You got Kate Clark?!" "WHAT?!? It's Corie! And Auntie M!!" "IS THIS FOR REAL?!" 

He then came over to me, grabbed my hand, and led me to the center of some candles. 

I hugged him, and whispered, "Hey babe!" In his ear. 

He then started to go down on one knee, and I pulled him up, and told him I wasn't ready. 

I just wanted to soak in the moment, and I didn't want to forget anything. #leslieknopes 

I then told him I was ready. 

I don't remember exactly what was said. But I believe it was something short and sweet like, "I love you, Michelle Robinson. Will you marry me?" 

To which I said, "YES!" 

I then realized someone had been taking pictures. It was my best girlfriend, Shawna. (The one I had called earlier about wanting to see!) 

About that same time, I heard cheering. I was so confused. It was two of my best girls, Si and Meg!! SERIOUSLY. I can't believe he had been planning everything with my friends, and I had no idea. 

It meant the world to me that they got to be apart of my big moment. 

And I love how he incorporated my favorite people, my favorite things, and my heart for Pontiac. He is an absolute treasure. 

He had been in cahoots with my ministry partners, David and Cheryl, to plan out Tuesday night. I just love every bit of that. 

An Oakland County Sherrif was patrolling in the area, and stopped by to see all the hullabaloo, and was able to join the celebration! He even gave us our first engagement gift. He owns a photography studio in downtown Pontiac, and is letting us use it for free for our engagement photos! 

We then took a few photos, because for the first time in my entire life, a sparkly ring was on my finger, and a man who loved me was by my side. 

I then called my Dad, and shared with him our exciting news. 

I didn't call or text anyone else for a while, because I didn't remember any one else's numbers. My phone was in the car, since I don't normally carry it when we are on the streets. So after the excitement died down, I got my phone, and I called my mom, sisters, brother, and best friend Collin. 

We then sat in the car for a little bit, looking at each other googly eyed, and grinning like fools. #isthisreallife 

I can't believe how well this man knows my soul. 

I then texted and called some of my best friends and family. And then my phone died. 

I was so hungry at that point, so I asked him if we could grab a bite to eat. 

He suggested Taco Bell. #howromantic His sister had JUST delivered the baby, and he wanted to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. 

So we ended up at Panera Bread for a quick meal. 

After that, we sat in his car and watched the video again, and he shared how over the last few days he had been in contact with my best girls. It just made my heart burst. 

This man. Oh my golly. 

I sure am a lucky girl. 

Every thing about that evening was perfect. It was so #puremichelle. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. 

Jeans. Tee shirt. Messy hair. Sandals. 

Pontiac. Best friends. For The Love Sisterhood. Sunflowers. Twinkle lights. His mom's table cloths. Candles. 

He did reallllllly good. 

I was just serving Jesus, and loving people, and then BAM. #gamechanger

Jesus is so faithful. I am overwhelmed. 

The Princess of Clarkston has officially found her Prince Charming. #lettheweddingbellsring #offthemarket 

Also. Look at how precious Steve's nephew is!! (Born at the same time we got engaged!!!) 

We are thinking a six month engagement, and a fall wedding sound pretty nice. 

I have already tried on wedding dresses. #mamabearisEXCITED And I just cannot believe it is actually my turn. After being a bridesmaid 10 times, and planning a couple dozen other weddings, it's my turn. I'm not sure when that will sink it, but it's currently surreal. 

#iwokeuplikethis #ENGAGED #helikeditsoheputaringonit 

I am completely overwhelmed by how good our God is. This story He is writing is more beautiful than I ever could've imagined. The details (which one day I will share more of) are so intricate that no one could ever say they were coincidences. 

I am so thankful I waited. Even when it was hard, and lonely, and felt like it would never end. I am thankful for the grace that kept me going, and helped me be obedient. I am thankful I saved my kisses and my secrets for him. 

I am so in love with this man. He points me to Jesus every day. He encourages my soul, he studies the Bible with me, he prays for me, and with me. He opens car doors for me, he plans the best dates, and he makes me laugh. He shows up with flowers and hand written notes. He tells me every day that I am amazing, beautiful, kind hearted, lovely, brave, strong, and capable. He celebrates all the strength, sass, feminity, quirks, and whimsy found in me. He challenges me. He slow dances with me in the driveway. He brings out the best in me. 

On our very first date, he told me, "Michelle, I see you as a daughter of the King, and I will treat you as such. You are a princess." He absolutely has kept his word. 

This girl is getting married. Eeeeeeeeeek!!! 




  1. Your story is precious! Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on finding love and your happily ever after!

  2. Precious memories.:) SO thrilled for you. So you are planning for 500+ for your wedding right? ;)

  3. I predict nothing by heartache and tragedy for everyone involved in this travesty. I've been following this train wreck as it's been unfolding with a combination of horror and embarrassment. The fact that you actually believe the creator of the universe has a plan for you and is busily engineering a plot whereby your future husband will just waltz into your life like something out of a fairy tale is the height of naivety. It's not surprising to me that somebody with these sorts of presumptions would fall for the first god-fearing man that shows her the slightest interest.
    What I find completely mind-boggling is that everybody in your life is encouraging this wildly spontaneous engagement as if it were normal. Where are the voices of reason? Where are the voices of skepticism? Is nobody concerned that getting engaged after knowing somebody for barely a month might not be the best idea? You don't know shit about a person after knowing them for a month – especially considering the nature of the christian dating scene. Frankly, I'm surprised that you didn't require chaperones for your dates. Maybe if you had, they would have been able to talk some sense into you and tell you that discussing marriage with somebody you first met is the kind of behavior reserved for pathetic, lonely, christian women who have never before felt the touch of a man. But I guess if the shoe fits....
    I suppose the gravamen of what I really mean to say is that this whole thing is a colossal joke. Though it has provided some entertainment value, it's really more sad than anything. And it doesn't improve your case any by hiding behind your faith and saying that this man was sent by god. He just converted from Islam not even a year ago. HELLLLLOOOOOO?!? You've know this guy for like 5 minutes. For all you know he could be a radical islamist masquerading as a born-again christian and your stupid ass wouldn't know any different. My advice for you is to grab onto something real tightly, and to see if you can't pull that head of yours out of your ass. You're obviously not thinking clearly and I think that might be the reason.

    1. Please tell me you keep up with her on social media. You literally predicted this to a T. She's divorced now, and claiming that she was "abused" on social media.

  4. Wow. Seriously this person before me has to mind there own. Stop judging somebody for THERE lif . If you dont have anything nice to say don't say it at all. She is a strong woman who makes and has made the best choices in her life. I for one am so happy for you michelle. I hope god blesses your engagement and marriage you sound so happy and please sont let others ruin it. I came across your blog juat now never knew you had one. Love ya girly this is yhe best time of your life enjoy every moment of it. God bless you and your hubby to be ;) love becca

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